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    zSilver, Jul 25, 2017 at 3:54 PM
  1. zohos

    Hello how can i earn zSilver only play game or more ?:cool_:
    #ForGamersByGamers :)
  2. Profile Post, Jul 24, 2017 at 5:59 PM
  3. MetalFever

    People selling the Razer Mug Holder on Ebay... #FeelsBadMan
  4. What's in Your Bag - June 2017, Jul 20, 2017 at 3:23 PM
  5. Btrost801

    I've got a kraken headset with a broken speaker, pls do more giveaway, your products rock, #gamingstandard
  6. Profile Post, Jul 18, 2017
  7. Console Clash is back for Round 2!, Jul 17, 2017
  8. Giveaway | Deck out your Warframe in Chroma!, Jul 15, 2017
  9. dabaig

    Hmmm.. i see. This looks awesome. :smile_:
  10. Console Clash is back for Round 2!, Jul 12, 2017
  11. A Malaysian Razer fan confession, Jul 12, 2017
  12. Nyx

    When I first got a hold on my Deathadder back in 2002(birthday gift), it was a whole brand new world of gaming experience to me. heck i was using a logitech basic mouse back then to game. Since then I went on to work part time and save up some money to get a basic blackwidow and several other stuff. I was living the life back then and i swore to only use Razer peripherals.
    Fast forward to 2017, now we have chromas on everything. As a razer fan, I couldn't help thinking but wanting to get one of those keyboard and mouse(who wouldn't want some blings on their keyboard). But let's face it,with ever increasing price and stagnant wage in Malaysia, buying one of those keyboard would mean eating bread and plain noodles for a couple of month.
    While browsing online a couple of months back, a few rising gaming manufacturer caught my attention. Sure they weren't as good as Razer in terms of design and feel, but then they do have quite a decent build and price. This really got me thinking whether I should break my creed and get my hands on one them. The question of " Should I follow the crowd and settle for cheaper swags or do I stay true to my childhood crush" kept playing in my mind till this day.

    On a side note, I'm really grateful for the Zsilver award initiative, currently at 25k and playing every night after work. I guess it's my only way of redeeming a proper blackwidow other than actively joining giveaways.

    PS: even if i do settle for cheaper products i do hope one day i can afford and get a hold of the Razer trinity. #Sorry#Ming
  13. Console Clash is back for Round 2!, Jul 10, 2017
  14. What's in Your Bag - June 2017, Jul 10, 2017
  15. chrispykremes

    I don't even own a Razer Backpack #Rip