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    Razer Cortex Paid to Play Launch Special: Double zSilver per minute!, Mar 25, 2017 at 12:27 AM
  1. sAvjOr

    #Razer please add Starcraft II, Battlefield 1, etc. and more games on Steam
  2. Welcome to The Linux Corner!, Mar 2, 2017
  3. deock1

    I have a crazy idea/dream about razer and linux, and this is only my humble opinion, i dont wanna to offend or hurt to nobody.

    #Razer you could be create a distribution of linux, you can use the base of other linux distribution (and you dont worry about all themes like security, kernel, etc) and only you can focus for any specific intention, and this is the complement for the campaign Work Hard, Play Hard !!! maybe give us the option for all costumers when buy the Blades, choose the OS Windows or RazCen (for the combination of Razer and Centos ), or both if is the Razer Blade Pro. I would like see the boot loader system with the logo Razcen and Windowns. And i will say OMG this is READY for Work and Play very hard.

    And this is my crazy think/dream. What do you think @Min-Liang Tan @Razer|Gwynbleidd ?


  4. December 2016 – What's in your bag?, Dec 26, 2016
  5. potato0319

  6. December 2016 – What's in your bag?, Dec 26, 2016
  7. potato0319

  8. December 2016 – What's in your bag?, Dec 20, 2016
  9. VengeKaiser

    :smile_: would really love to win for the first time but any way love #Razer made gaming so much fun.
    Blackwidow chrom keyboard
    Man o war headset
    DeathHadder mouse
    Kabuto mouse pad
  10. Razer @ BlizzCon X, Nov 6, 2016
  11. GetaLifeyouscrub

    razer you guys are epic i never got a razer product but i really want one i see them but i never have enough money :slightly_sad: i hope i get a chance :) LOVE YOUR GUYS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #RAZER
  12. The Razer Turret - now available, Oct 30, 2016
  13. boembaboem

    i wouldnt do that it wont like it if the drink goes over youre razer turret :eek:

    this is a really great keyboard if you have something like this you dont need an mouse pad :D

    i prefer mouse pads #razer firefly
  14. RazerStore San Francisco, Oct 30, 2016
  15. boembaboem

    ok omg i dreamd about stores like this one im from holland Europe 2 years ago i went to san fransisco so i just missed this store with a year i wont forgive it myself until there comes a store in europe in like germany orso :slightly_sad: #Razer
  16. Razer Arena - Competitive Gaming For Everyone, Oct 30, 2016
  17. boembaboem

    this looks cool im gonna look at it right now
    :D :D #Razer