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  1. PTSinger

    Yeah, I think that making Razer gear able to be purchased with zGold would be the ultimate show of paying into the zSystem. Purchase zGold at equivalent amounts, then use that zGold to buy a Razer product, and possibly earning zSilver with the zGold use . . . it makes perfect sense. Then using whatever zGold is left over from a particular top-up to buy games . . . and then play those games with the Razer gear that was just bought . . . the circle of #Razer4Life!

    The only drawback on Razer's side that I can think of is that with the earning of zS from buying and using zG, they'll end up giving stuff away, but they do that anyway with the free items available with particular purchases. They can finally do away with that if they open the zSystem up completely.

    (And then there's the possible loss of money on each zGold/gear transaction if whatever bank they go through to process the actual money into zGold, but we won't ever know the backend details).
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  3. Christian Mendoza

    Thank you our omnipotent, lord and saviour, Min.

    #razer4life #goodluck
  4. New to Razer Insiders Forums, May 8, 2016
  5. DenDeMello

    Hi Guys, New to Razer Insiders Forums . A die-hard Razer follower . Just posted this thread to say Hi and pretty excited to contribute to forums !
    #razer4life #hailrazer !
  6. hi guys im new, May 8, 2016
  7. DenDeMello

    Razer blade stealth + core
    #razer4life #DreamOnTheGoSetup !
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  9. Ferdinand Ramos

    Yesh Another Giveaway!!
    Thanks for this razer
    Having a chance to win a razer product is such a thankful to all people that didn't have a razer product..
    And if i win in this giveaway.. it would be my first razer product i have on my entire life :)
    Thanks for Opportunity :heart:

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  12. DreddJ

    Is there a dedicated team Providing Governance around this? Those who miss out can always buy from the Store at later date just about time I guess. Also, When the Pre-Order process happens , It can be done for all regions at same time keeping the threshold of total Units but reducing the units per region. That way the Product reviews may come from every region I believe and the fan base will be much happier as well. Also, just my opinion there might be razer hardcore fans there who believe in Razer but don't spend much time on Insider.

    Happy Gaming.