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Oct 26, 2017
Mar 10, 2015
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Oct 26, 2017
    1. buzztrendVanilla632
      Whats the correct way to install audio visualizer? Is there an apps folder I have to extract it to?
    2. DerpedUpCow
      Hey man, awesome work on the audio visualizer. I love the program but was wondering if there would be anyway to make it so your "Silent Background" was your currently selected synapse profile?
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    3. TheWanderer2244
      Hey man the audio Visualizer is great, but on my death stalker chorma it displays the audio bars from the left to the right of my keyborad instead of from the bottom to top. Got any ideas on how to fix it?
    4. Caixote
      hi since the last update on razer synapse the audiovisualizer stoped working :/
    5. metals117_no_id
      hey i can not get the visualizer to work at all any suggestions
    6. frontWineinteractive944
      Just wanted to say I love the visualizer but I have difficulty switching audio outputs. Switching during use causes a crash and trying to switch and restart causes no response from the new default audio output. Hoping this will be changed in a future version! Awesome work, keep it up!
    7. MrTrung
      hi calc, i want to ask:i'm using Razer BlackWidow Ultimate stealth 2016. does it support Razer BlackWidow ultimate stealth 2016? will any version come out to support this product?
    8. chewblacka1
      Hey mate,
      The audio visualiser is sick! But it doesn't seem to work on my naga epic chroma? I tried in wired mode but it doesn't work? :S It works otherwise on my firefly and blackwidow TE.
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