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Jan 31, 2017
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Oct 18, 2017 at 7:25 PM
    1. AdityAnand
      I'm a beta tester but can't access the beta section. Please provide assistance.
      Serial no. NBQGLMB652602198
      E-mail- adityaanand1697@gmail.com
    2. Amar Kumar_no_id
      Amar Kumar_no_id
      Nextbit Robin

      Fingerprint option is not available in setting. please help!!
    3. Blackflowfast210
      Hi have I been removed from the beta program?
    4. pvozm_no_id
      I have replaced the phone after the complaint, which I would like to register with the beta tester. Will you help me, please, with that help?
    5. Jerupic666_no_id
    6. Feldt
      Sent a convo for help. I need to know who to contact.
    7. BetterBPrepared
      Could you please remove my phone from the beta program? I have given my phone to my wife, and she is not much for cutting edge. After the last beta update (Build 108) she is having issues with sending text messages. She receives a security notice stating that SMS is sending too many messages, do you want to allow. She selects allow, but still has problems with texts going through.
      1. lolreppeatlol
        GG for giving the IMEI for everyone to see. Never. Do. That.
        Jun 21, 2017
    8. Skazki_no_id
    9. EmilW_no_id
      Please give me access to the beta testing user group
      IMEI: 355151070289287
      Serial nr. NBQGLM 630900368
      Email: e.woerndle@gmail.com
      1. Khanger
        Yup, I've informed the team
        May 25, 2017
    10. PencilNotPen
      Hi, I recently bought a Robin. I realise I'm a little late to the party, but I'd love to beta test the 7.1 builds. Please could you add me to the beta program? IMEI: 355151070321692
    11. sharpstoryRosyBrown216
      Hi I switched phones IMei is 355151070682333
    12. Alexander Kurucz_no_id
      Alexander Kurucz_no_id
      Hi! Im currently a beta-tester on my robin. is it possible to remove my device from the beta program.
      thanks, alex
    13. win1026_no_id
      I have been a meal and testers have been updated until after android 7.0 # 2 can not be automatically updated, until 7.0 official version and the latest 7.1.1 did not receive updates, asked in many places did not receive a response, I think In the confirmation of my test identity 。Mail: win1026@gmail.com IMEI: 355151070344025
      From Taiwan
    14. ShirtShanks
      Hello! :)

      The latest 102 beta release fixed everything as stated in the mail, great job on that one! The engineers dun good.

      But the issue of the phone dying shortly after hitting the 15% mark still prevails, and is pretty irritating, to say the least. I've reported this in the tracker as well.

      Have a good day!
    15. dataautoAmaranth397
      Hey khang please check and reply how many system apps you have??? Just install solid explorer app and got to applications option and reply with how many system apps you have..........
      Disclaimer - non rooted device only and beta 7.1.1
      I think I messed with system apps please do reply
    16. HypocriticalIdiot
      1. Khanger
        Thanks! :)
        Mar 10, 2017
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