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Are you for the story or about the action?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by skuller314, Nov 16, 2016.


Do you prefer the story of a game or the action

  1. It WAS a conspiracy, I knew it!

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  2. Kill streak all the way to the top! aw-yea!

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  3. I like to play the game...

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  1. skuller314

    skuller314 New Member

    Lets hear it. Which do you prefer about a game? A rich story with an immersive feel, or a rush of adrenaline to get you going?
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  2. PTSinger

    PTSinger Well-Known Member

    I'm definitely all about the story. That's why I could never really get into racing games or sports games. Of course, all story and no action makes Jack a dull-as game . . .
  3. FiendRiver

    FiendRiver Member

    Depends on the game, but both are required for a really good game nowadays.
  4. icefire94

    icefire94 Active Member

    It depends... Some games focus on story while some is more to the actions, effects...
    I like to play both types of games.
  5. TheGurgeMan

    TheGurgeMan Well-Known Member

    I really dont play games with storys. Started out gaming with minecraft, moved onto csgo, then onto overwatch, and they were all online player vs player enviroments. I actually hate singleplayer, I think its just incredibly boring.
  6. keiaraaya

    keiaraaya Member

    I usually end up playing a game that's either story focused or action focused but it depends what mood I'm in on whether I wanna sink into the story or just run round fighting
  7. PlatinumC

    PlatinumC Active Member

    It really depends on the mood I am in, and the game category (both SP vs MP and genre).
  8. Obsidian

    Obsidian Active Member

    I would prefer a good balance of both. Just like the Bioshock, Deus Ex, Batman Arkham Knight, and Assassin's Creed. Too much story without little action is something I really couldn't stand. Just like Final Fantasy, I'm really interested in the story but the gameplay bores me to death that I really couldn't bother to go on at all. However I also like, high octane action games without too much story too. One of the finest examples for that is Doom.
  9. greenchris90

    greenchris90 Active Member

    I enjoy shorter single player experiences, but the story definitely needs to be good. COD Ghosts was the first campaign that I've beaten, and now Infinite Warfare. Action is a plus. (Don't hurt me ples I only bought IW for zombies :big_grin_:)
  10. Katana

    Katana Well-Known Member

    I enjoy both. If i want a good story, ill play a nice RPG like the witcher or something along those lines, and if i feel like a bit of action ill play an FPS. I really like when FPS games have a campaign in it, because then i can experience both and I feel like im getting my moneys worth more since I enjoy both. I also enjoy games with not much story or action like racing games. Sometimes i just like to chill back and mindlessly play a game. So I like all genres of games, and they all have their pros and cons. But I like to switch it up :)
  11. NikitaDarkstar

    NikitaDarkstar New Member

    unless I'm blowing off some steam or killing a little bit off time I usually prefer heavily story-driven games that I can get overly emotionally invested in.
  12. jthoma17

    jthoma17 Active Member

    i feel like a good game has to have both, but the story is what sells me on the game to start with.

    then again, destiny is my favorite console game, and holy crap is there zero story. but the gameplay is just so friggin clean.
  13. Huz

    Huz Active Member

    Definitely love a lot of both, though if the story is garbage I can still forgive it a bit if the gameplay is decent. Doesn't work for me the other way around.
  14. moxide

    moxide Member

    i like action, but the action has to be meaningful to some part of the game, or action w/ a clear ability to see progression
  15. Mr Big Stuff

    Mr Big Stuff Member

    I prefer a good story
  16. SuijinZ

    SuijinZ Active Member

    As much as I like the action, sometime when Im really attached to a character in the game i would like to know more about he/she then thats when a good story is called for. Ive been a big fan of blizzard games for a while because they seems to get it right with the stories, their games have very strong stories and backgrounds, the characters just feel very real and iconic when I played their game. LOL is fun and all but i feel their character backgrounds are fairly weak and loose, they often change their champions history and so forth so I prefer Blizzard for storyline. Really though, I would want both to go hand in hand like how Blizzard is doing it.
  17. CritRoll

    CritRoll New Member

    I love a good story, but I want to actually play it, not just watch a bunch of cut scenes. It doesn't need to be complex story either. I'm an old school gamer, I kinda miss the days where the only story you got was a couple pages in the instruction booklet and the box art.
  18. Fruits

    Fruits Member

    A kickass story and good multiplayer is an awesome combo
  19. Stone Star

    Stone Star Well-Known Member

    I like story games. However, I can get bored with games that are slow.
    Metro 2033 was a little like this. It had an awesome story, but the game play was rather slow and lacked depth.
  20. angelferfu

    angelferfu New Member

    I just prefer the game.