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  1. David453

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    Will the Razer laptops ever be released in Romania especially de Razer Blade because I really want a super portable gaming laptop and there is no competition to the Razer blade in my opinion .The only one that kind of is in this category is the MSI gs63Vr ,but that thing is so ugly in term of design.
    So that is my question because here we can buy the normal Razer peripherals like headphones, keyboards and mice and even the Razer /Lenovo gaming PC's .
  2. osmily

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    I'm in the exact same situation as you. It seems like Razer just forgot about the rest of the world. And it's impossible to get any kind of information regarding the release off of the customer service. I'm just sitting here waiting for the new Razer blade, but I don't even know if they're planning to release it in Norway any time soon. But I promised myself I'd wait until the end of March, as their press release states worldwide release March 2017. We'll see if Razer is capable of keeping their word. If no new information is provided this month, I'll probably settle for the MSI.