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Discussion in 'Wearables' started by Razer|Technokat, Nov 25, 2014.

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  1. Razer|Technokat

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    *Wave 1 registration has closed - thanks for the support!*

    The time has finally come – On Dec 2nd, 2014 5000 Razer Nabu units are up for grabs, and just for you Razer Insiders, they are at a special price of $79.99 each. Open to US customers only.

    Lock in your chance to pre-order the Razer Nabu now.

    Here's what you need to do:

    1. Make sure you’re a Qualified Razer Insider with RazerID:

    Associate your RazerID to Razer Insider. If you are already logged into Razer Insider with your RazerID, you are good to go.

    If you have no RazerID – sign up for one here: www.razerzone.com/Razer-ID. Be sure to fill in your details (at least have an avatar here!), and make sure to mark your Country accurately.

    Being a qualified Insider for this round, is easy - do ensure that,
    • You have your Insider profile furnished, at least with a profile picture
    • You have contributed at least 1 message on Razer Insider
    2. Register your interest to pre-order here: http://rzr.to/insidernabu

    3. You should receive a confirmation note (under 'Conversations') that your pre-registration has been successful.

    4. On the day pre-orders for Nabu opens (Dec 2nd), you will receive an email with a link to a Private Access store page to make your purchase. This store page is only accessible by pre-registered Razer Insiders.

    5. Pre-order your Nabu and begin to #LiveSmarter.

    Please note that if you did not manage to pre-order a Razer Nabu before stocks are depleted, or you did not manage to pre-register for a chance to pre-order, you’ll need to reapply when the next batch of Nabu units come in.

    This first batch of Razer Nabu units are all Black in color, of Medium-Large size.

    If you are an early Nabu Beta tester or Developer (before Sept 2014), you need not apply for pre-registration to pre-order. Please expect a separate email soon with more information on what to expect on receiving your retail Nabu unit.

    Deadline: Pre-registration closes on Nov 30th, 10am PST. Once pre-registration closes, all those who did not manage to get into the program will have to wait for the next pre-order wave.

    #LiveSmarter with the Razer Nabu Smartband - learn more about the Razer Nabu.

    ::UPDATE1:: For those seeing errors with entering the Registration Page, there are several issues that may be the cause for this:
    1. Please be sure to associate your RazerID to Razer Insider. The Registration Page only recognizes users with RazerIDs.
    2. Heavy traffic. Popular product :)
    3. You can only register once for the pre-order. If you've registered, you cannot enter the Registration Page again.
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  2. richgriffiths

    richgriffiths New Member

    Yes!!! Is this for UK as well!!!
  3. Steven L.

    Steven L. Member

    That link keeps erroring out for me....
  4. r3dtearz

    r3dtearz Active Member

    Lol, another deadline and another wait ahahahha.
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  5. whailord

    whailord Member

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  6. Nanoforge

    Nanoforge Active Member

    It's Go time people.....Go Go Go Go!
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  7. kstone0622

    kstone0622 Active Member

    I must say that I applaud the way you are doing the Nabu release. Excellent way of cutting the scalpers off at the knees. Would love to see more releases go like this. :)
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  8. Rei Kim

    Rei Kim Active Member

    the preorder registration link is erroring out for me =(
  9. erinwho

    erinwho Active Member

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  10. r3dtearz

    r3dtearz Active Member

    Ohhhh nooooooooooooo, all of the first batch is medium large size... :'( In addition its just black...
    Most evil thing I have ever seen...
  11. RapidAmp

    RapidAmp New Member

    When you pick the UK in the drop down box it says something like "The first wave is for US only"

    Still let's you register though, so if the 2nd round is for the UK/RoW you should get alerted :D

    EDIT: just saw the part where you need to re-register for Round 2, my bad!
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  12. Warthog2010

    Warthog2010 Active Member

    I got into it but I accidentally entered my zip code wrong
  13. Quailstick

    Quailstick Active Member

    Woohoo!!! Now another wait
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  14. Djspunky

    Djspunky New Member

    It's erroring out for me every time I click on the pre-order link...

    What is going on? Eh..
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  15. Steven L.

    Steven L. Member

    Seriously, I keep getting errors on that link...
  16. kiritokuro

    kiritokuro New Member

  17. Grohlier

    Grohlier Active Member

    At least we dont have to live on the forums hoping for updates! HOORAY!

  18. Deslok

    Deslok Member

    Done and done!
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  19. KevlarGibs

    KevlarGibs New Member

    Yay!!! Gogogogogo
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