Deathadder Elite creeking noise at the lower right side of upper cover?

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by Elthrik, Apr 18, 2017.

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    I bought my Deathadder Elite last week and noticed a creeking sound on the right side when I press it, it's even more noticeable when claw gripping like the covering is loose or something so I had it returned for them to inspect the problem. However upon contacting the store they said it was normal that other Deathadder Elite had the same problem after doing some comparison. So do you guys experienced this too? or is it just normal? Additionally when the right click is not used for a while, when I press it it feels like it's bumping unto something like sliding on a bump or something like that but it's not that noticeable, it's just very annoying to dealt with.
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    I received mine yesterday and noticed the exact same problem, and looking on internet found your thread.
    What happened in the end ? did you get a replacement when you returned it ? or did they confirm it was a "normal" issue ?

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    Hmm weird, mine's been good and I've had it since it came out.
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    I'm still waiting for email from our Regional Sales Manager which still haven't arrived, it's been over 7 business days now however Razer support said they are contacting them. As for my mouse, mine creeks and also has a bumping feeling when right click is pressed which produces an odd sound, my mousewheel also creeks and has an awkward friction feeling but these gets lesser and lesser depending on how much I use it however creeking sound at the right side arch of the mouse doesn't go away nor improve on its own. Here check the link on the video I uploaded in youtube, I also suggest that you contact Razer support if the store where you bought the mouse denied any repairs like mine. I already sent this one back but they said they found no issue, it was not that "bothersome", and it was normal but I had my doubts so I contacted Razer but as you can see from the video below, the issue is as clear as sky.

    Note: Sound might not be accurate because of the recorder used but it's a creeking noise at the right arch.

    Edit: I forgot. All buttons are working properly, I'm just meticulous when buying expensive stuffs and has defects like this but also it's a very annoying issue to deal with when I'm not on gaming and just using 3d applications and browsing the net.
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    Thanks for the vid, its indeed the same symptom, but comparing, yours is way more affected than mine. It's not much about the cracking sound but the cracking, bump i can feel sometimes when i rest my hand on the mouse which is irritating.

    I understand your situation I'm also very picky about mice, my copy is really perfect in term of quality, no rattle, buttons etc... except this little cracking shell for me.

    I'll deal with Razer support and Amazon for answers.

    Wish you good luck.​
  6. Elthrik

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    Thanks an good luck too, hope we'll get our issue fixed. Cheers!