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  1. gabrielgag

    gabrielgag Active Member


    Well, guys the day has come finally we have support for USB devices, including the MarshMallow killer feature "Adoptable Storage".

    It' s been alot of work to get this working! Reading and digging , trying and failing, but finally with success...

    This is a patched boot.img, with the correct mount point for usb devices, nothing else, no kernel config has changed...so, still no cherry picks on that side..

    Let's Start!

    I am not responsible for bricked devices or dead USB sticks. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this IMAGE before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications. YOUR WARRANTY WILL BE VOID!

    DOWLOADS: https://plus.google.com/102509526912041899879/posts/K7p3hrmqWB6

    Enable Adb Debugging


    Unlock your bootloader

    REMINDER: The following steps probably will destroy all data on your Forge. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

    Type "adb reboot bootloader"

    Once in the bootloader (black screen with Razer logo only):

    Type "fastboot oem unlock" and "fastboot reboot bootloader" (or just reboot if you want to back to Android Tv)

    At this point you have 2 methods to flash my modified boot image.

    METHOD 1

    - Flash my ported twrp (search in the community, forum or google how to flash a recovery)
    - Download adoptable_boot_image_recovery_by_gabrielgagz.zip
    - Flash the zip with TWRP
    - Reboot to System
    - Done!

    METHOD 2

    - Download adoptable_boot_image_by_gabrielgagz.img
    - Enable adb and type in a terminal "adb reboot bootloader"
    - Once in fastboot type "fastboot flash boot adoptable_boot_image_by_gabrielgagz.img"
    - Reboot to System
    - Done!

    That's it! Once in ATV system you have to go to storage settings and use the usb as you want, external or adoptable.
    If you choose adoptable, and your internal disk is almost full, it will take a while to transfer all files. Please be patient.

    NOTE: If you previously flashed supersu, you have to reflash after the boot image


    If you like this work you can contribute via paypal, i spent several hours of my free time doing this!
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  2. mwaterbu

    mwaterbu New Member

    Nice work! Any comments on how well this works? Are games on external storage playable?
    Maybe the good folks at Razer could use your work and send us an update with this feature enabled. :)
  3. Damac10

    Damac10 Member

    Thanks a million. Where are all the comments from the owners who were crying for this feature. HD Netflix and Now adoptable storage. The Forge is complete..

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    I forgot to switch Developer mode off..Unified storage is here..lol

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    Gabriel quick question . when inserting a usb stick message pops up to use as external or internal. When selecting external it still wants to format stick. Surely it should only format stick if we wanted it used as internal memory?

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  4. gabrielgag

    gabrielgag Active Member

    When you use it as internal format is required. The system will format your device as ext4 and encrypt with aes 128 i think. If you will use your stick as external, there is no need to format...

    Thanks to you....i also was expecting some more comments or feedbacks...
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  5. Damac10

    Damac10 Member

    Mine does this with usb.
    Then it formatted stick even though selected setup as external. I Need to test another usb stick
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  6. BoogalooShrimp

    BoogalooShrimp Active Member

    I think some folks might be a bit apprehensive about all of your disclosures about warranty and bricking lol. I really have no need for additional storage so don't want to try this out until I see others saying it works easily with no issues :) I know nothing about rooting, unlocking, whatever else so hard to roll the dice on an unofficial release.

    Mad props to you though. razer should pay you for doing something their own employees could not (or would not, or failed at, or refused to, or were not permitted to do. or whatever. don't care)

    Someone mentioned hd netflix though. that's the only thing I'm really hoping for. is it proper netflix and fully functional???
  7. gabrielgag

    gabrielgag Active Member

    Probably, i test 3 diferent sticks on my 2 Forge's with no problem.
    Is your stick on NTFS format? Because the kernel cant't handle NTFS, i only add basic support (read) in the kernel included on my ported TWRP...

    I can understand that. But this is a factory unlocked device. You can always re-lock the bootloader and flash the official firmware again...You have nothing to loose.

    About Netflix, a time ago i create a patched tablet apk with 1080p support, if you search in the forum you'll find out...
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  8. BoogalooShrimp

    BoogalooShrimp Active Member

    Hm I'll have to look into it. like I said I have no knowledge of the bootloader firmware flashing etc process. if there's no risk and I can go back to factory firmware you're right, nothing to lose. If I can figure it out and feel confident enough, I'll do it, if for no other reason then to support your cause :)

    Question - I use a nas device to record live tv with the hdhomerun. do you know if adding an external USB drive using this method would allow me to do the same thing without nas??
  9. gabrielgag

    gabrielgag Active Member

    Sorry, i have no idea. I never use hdhomerun
  10. IamKillswitch

    IamKillswitch New Member

    I bet if you put Forge TV and storage in the title that more people would notice.
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  11. I will check this out as soon as I have the USB ADB cable! This is amazing and makes me wonder, if Razer really couldn't do it or it they simply didn't want to, for some reason...
  12. gabrielgag

    gabrielgag Active Member


    I made mine with 2 old broken usb cable...about Razer, only they knows....
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  13. beta_tester

    beta_tester New Member

    This is fantastic news. Ran through Method 2 which worked flawlessly. Have loads of free space now.

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  14. gabrielgag

    gabrielgag Active Member

    Thanks for the feedback!
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  15. Knaart

    Knaart New Member

    Is cortex still in this image?
  16. Can I flash my bricked Forge with this one instead of the normal file?
  17. Damac10

    Damac10 Member


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  18. gabrielgag

    gabrielgag Active Member

    Yes, you can flash my boot image, but if your forge is bricked you also need to flash the system image
  19. Wienersoup

    Wienersoup Member

    Do i need to clear a bit of space before flashing this? How much? Has it wiped out everybodys so far thats tried it?
  20. gabrielgag

    gabrielgag Active Member

    No you dont. Actually you dont need to format data or anytthing else.
    You can flash over your existing system...
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