Favorite Overwatch Hero?

Discussion in 'Overwatch Talk' started by PumpkinMage, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. PumpkinMage

    PumpkinMage Active Member

    Aside from what you may be obligated to play in competitive - (usually when no one else will be support) we all have a favorite hero who we love playing that is just a ton of fun. My favorite one is Pharah - what's yours?
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  2. Katana

    Katana Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure this has been a thread before. But my fav is mei. mei is bae
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  3. PumpkinMage

    PumpkinMage Active Member

    Oh it has? Whoops.

    Mei is... a Mei zing! (in her own words)
  4. Huz

    Huz Active Member

    Just love her gameplay so much
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  5. D4rk_D3mon

    D4rk_D3mon Member

    Even tho I don't play often, I really like Genji. Not so easy to play when you're not playing so often.
  6. Huz

    Huz Active Member

    Blizzard is giving out the only Genji skin if you play Heroes of the Storm with a friend, check it out. You have til January 4th to get it.
  7. greenchris90

    greenchris90 Active Member

    I would probably say Roadhog, but my main is Lucio
  8. CritRoll

    CritRoll New Member

    I really enjoy playing Roadhog, there is something so satisfying about hitting that hook
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  9. Huz

    Huz Active Member

    I wish not so many ppl played Roadhog, seems kind of overpower'd tbh, and you see one every game. Even if it's just a 3v3.
  10. CritRoll

    CritRoll New Member

    Ah that's true, I try not to play him too much because I like to see some variety. I play Soldier or Zenyatta (also pretty fun to play) mostly these days
  11. Huz

    Huz Active Member

    Haha, atleast you can admit he's way overplayed and a bit overpowered.
    I hate seeing him so much, but maybe it's because I'm always looking through the eyes of Tracer.
  12. Evaninator66

    Evaninator66 Active Member

    My favourite is either Junkrat or Pharah.

    Edit: I prefer Mercy and Genji at this point in time
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  13. Gr8orangeone

    Gr8orangeone Active Member

    I really like Pharah. Sombra is neat as well but I enjoy playing pharah much more
  14. Catwhisperer

    Catwhisperer New Member

    Synnetra because of the Mathematical properties
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  15. Stone Star

    Stone Star Well-Known Member

    I love playing Lucio in competitive. I can just heal and don't have to worry about what everyone else is playing.

    Also really love Junkrat and Mei. I play each depending on what the situation requires.

    I'm also a fan of Genji.
  16. Fruits

    Fruits Member

    Hanzo is my boi
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  17. RazerReviews

    RazerReviews Member

    i really like playing tracer she is good at flanking if not tracer i like sombra.
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  18. angelferfu

    angelferfu New Member

    Mei is quite op, I just love ever single ability and every autoattack. It's just the perfect HERO
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  19. DontTouchMyTurtle

    DontTouchMyTurtle New Member

    I am a reaper main i love his design most my top 3 are Reaper #1 Roadhog #2 and
    Mercy #3
  20. kajira

    kajira Well-Known Member

    I'm all about Lucio, he's my favorite.
    In the beginning I was Mercy all the way (and people really got a kick out of my Blizzard tag of Angel playing Mercy) but once someone taught me how to be decent with Lucio, he's been my favorite ever since.

    When I'm just messing around and couldn't care less how well I performed, I like playing Soldier 76, but I'm only acceptable with him, I enjoy Lucio enough that I am actually good at playing him as well. hehehe :)