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Overwatch (EU) Team Members wanted!

Discussion in 'Razer Arena' started by FiendRiver, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. FiendRiver

    FiendRiver Member

    Hey. I keep seeing all these tournaments for Overwatch and I wanna join but don't have team mates.
    I can't promise to be consistent because I also serve in the military, but I'd like to get some people to join my Arena team for when I can play and try to score some zSilver!
    Lemme know if you're interested. :)
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  2. Djoezz

    Djoezz New Member

    In what kind of ranking are you looking? Or doesn't that really matter? :) Would love to hop on.
  3. zippermango

    zippermango New Member

    would like to join too
  4. GearTuga

    GearTuga New Member

    I'm 3000sr with no team, playing on EU, im flex play everthing.
  5. FiendRiver

    FiendRiver Member

    Nothing in particular. Just who to play with in the arena.

    xL33ROYJENKINSx New Member

    I'm game to play with! Pige#2741
    Just look for Pige on Arena :)
  7. Djoezz

    Djoezz New Member

    Djoezz#2882 Add me :)
  8. Bangerzzz

    Bangerzzz New Member

    I would also be interested :) My ID is : Bangerz#21243

    See ya soon.
  9. FiendRiver

    FiendRiver Member

    My ID is FiendRiver #1121.
    Say you're from Insider.