Paid to Play September Refresh - Play and Vote!

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by Razer|Gwynbleidd, Aug 30, 2017.


Vote for October's Paid to Play games! (2 votes)

This poll will close on Oct 1, 2017 at 4:24 AM.
  1. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

  2. Heroes of the Storm

  3. DOTA 2

  4. Grand Theft Auto 5

  5. Rainbow Six: Siege

  6. Crossfire

  7. Payday 2

  8. SMITE

  9. Battlerite

  10. Neverwinter

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  1. angkaiwen

    angkaiwen New Member

    i felt it was abit strange when my dota 2 games for the first few days of sept werent tracking points - i thought it was just one of those moments and restarted my comp and cortex.

    then i saw this. was pretty sad when Dota 2 wasn't up there for September. i felt it was a little "wtf" because of Dota 2's prominence as the biggest (at least in terms of daily players + esports prize pools) games out there, and given that TI7 just concluded in Aug which spurred me to play more (kudos however for the double points during TI7 weekend).

    go dota fangays.
  2. iamck

    iamck Member

    maybe because i am not like u and i do not login to game that i dont play and afk to earn zsilver.
  3. Platypulicious

    Platypulicious New Member

    A little sad to see that Dota 2 and PUBG are gonna just keep alternating every other month. Would be nice to get some different games up there. Can't be mad though being that they are very popular.
    Can't wait to see what the other 3 picks from Razer will be. :no_mouth:
  4. angkaiwen

    angkaiwen New Member

    probably the games they have tie-ups with for in-game exclusive razer loot or chroma macros :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  5. Mingray98

    Mingray98 New Member

    yeahhh overwatch is back
  6. Nene121

    Nene121 New Member

    Heroes of the Storm addiction!
  7. DarkExceed

    DarkExceed New Member

    League of legends
  8. Archeria

    Archeria New Member

    Would be nice, if u could vote direct in cortex ;)
  9. Mazraku

    Mazraku New Member

    Yeah..I guess I know how to play Hearthstone a lot better after that weekend...still suck but I have a much better grasp of the game thanks to my Monday(Australia) burst
  10. LukeTheBrave99

    LukeTheBrave99 New Member

    Let's play Rainbow Six Guyys
  11. PsiQss

    PsiQss New Member

    I'd like to see Guild Wars 2 and Rocket League :)
  12. shadowgalaxy

    shadowgalaxy New Member

    I wonder if OW is gonna be still in there...
  13. JoSoT666

    JoSoT666 New Member

    Ow come on. Neverwinter needs to be in the list for October please.
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  14. Ricardo Bueno

    Ricardo Bueno New Member

    '''I would love to play Battlegrounds :video_game::muscle::bomb::skull:
  15. Micromantic

    Micromantic New Member

    Thanks to the PaidtoPlay system, I went and gave a try to Hearthstone.

    I love it, very nice card game.
  16. yay ... overwatch is back!

    *votes for oct*
    looks like overwatch is going away .... again ....
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  17. rararafa

    rararafa New Member

    Would love to see Dota 2 and PayDay 2 on the next month's P2P.
  18. Datrat

    Datrat Active Member

    Please keep PUBG on there. I literally just bought the game for this...
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  19. FlipWreck

    FlipWreck New Member

    Oh yeah!Owerwatch is here!!
  20. iubjaved

    iubjaved New Member

    euro truck simulator 2 pretty please :slightly_sad: but i am ok with dota2 as well xD