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Razer Blade 2016 GTX 1060 Fan

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Razer|Gwynbleidd, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. WaschBaer

    WaschBaer Active Member

    to be honest :D the touchpad buttons arent a problem for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: i like the way how cheap they feel :D they feel klicky like some mechanical keys and make almost the same sound like the forcefeedback trackpad from apple .. weird :D
  2. I personally like the way they feel compared to my MSI GS70 and my work laptop Dell Latitude E7450. The clickyness if very satisfying when clicking. While the touch pad isn't Apple quality, its very functional. The gestures are a little wonky, but usable.
  3. rushQuartzfever794

    rushQuartzfever794 New Member

    Has anyone actually RMA'd there laptop and gotten it back to confirm the fan noise was still not fixed? I know that's what we are all afraid of but if an RMA fixes it.... i'll do it.

    Or better yet purchased and received a refresh model with the 7th gen Intel processors to see if the fan curve or flickering issues have been resolved?
  4. WaschBaer

    WaschBaer Active Member

    getting a blade with 7th gen i7 wont help us ... we cant just say btw if i send it in for repair i want a 7th gen i7 version back please .. -.-...
  5. rushQuartzfever794

    rushQuartzfever794 New Member

    If you actually read my comment, I said has anyone RMA'd OR better yet purchased and received one of the new models.
  6. WaschBaer

    WaschBaer Active Member

    you asked for people who boiught the new model if their fan curves are normal etc .. i meant that this does not help us if theirs work .. there is still no fix for our models and fine if the new one works .. i defenetly wont sell mine to get a new one .. ( 3 month after i bought the one i have now .. ) thats what i meant .. ... only thing we can do is spam razer to give us some infos ..
  7. WaschBaer

    WaschBaer Active Member

    i uploaded a video .. first half is fan noise on 10% how it should be ( to please me .. )
    second half is with nbfc turned off and how it is for me all the time .. ( nbfc still causing battery hybernate issues .. )

    @Razer|Technokat please give us some feedback ! send some guy over who knows what to do .. tell us if there is a fix in development ! something !

    ( may turn up volume to hear the difference .. the actual noise is not really hearable via mic .. but you can hear the difference between the first 10%setting and the second without nbfc overwriting the controlls .. )
  8. rushQuartzfever794

    rushQuartzfever794 New Member

    It would be interesting to see regardless. Was it a synapse profile that fixed it? Does it have the same issues? If Razer fixed it for the new models then they could bring a fix to us. It can most definitely help us perhaps someone can send us nbfc profiles off of the new one. Just because you think it does not matter, does not make it such.
  9. wesley27

    wesley27 Active Member

    Got a synapse update this morning, was hoping for the best, as I too sent in feedback and got a simple response that their developers would be looking into it. Seems as though this update did nothing with the fan profiles.
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  10. WaschBaer

    WaschBaer Active Member

    yea .. i had that update too .. still only left fan ( the cpu fan according to how the heatpipes are layed out .. ) ..
  11. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    On reddit, someone who got the new one, said that in synapse now there are three options, auto, low and high, and that his impression is that is actually a lot quieter on idle than the 2016 model.....then I got the synapse update, got all excited just to see nothing changed.
  12. I recall a couple people near the beginning of this thread said they RMA'd multiple times and they still had the same issue.
  13. Apparently the new 2017 model has coil whine fixed along with a quieter fan. At least according to one guy on reddit.

    Still wish Razer would comment on the issues for model. No point in buying the new 2017 model, if I know they're just gonna zip their mouths when any issues arise for the new one.
  14. struselix

    struselix New Member

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  15. Jayzus

    Jayzus Member

    How bizarre they send the bios file to a random person rather then announce it / make it public on site - I'll check at the weekend if it has a positive impact to the fan noise problem
  16. Noitisnot

    Noitisnot New Member

    Looks like it's true. The 2017 Blade has an auto fan profile in synapse which according to the guy posting about it is silent at idle. I'm praying Razer release this to 2016 blade.

    BTW the guy with the 2017 blade has a post in this forum.
  17. WaschBaer

    WaschBaer Active Member

    sounds like a beta test thingy :D send it one random person if it works send it another .. if not .. its just one person and not a whole forum going crazy :D lol ... ima download the fix in 5 min and test it on mine .. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  18. WaschBaer

    WaschBaer Active Member

    Edit: fan is defenetly not fixed .. bios shows me new bios version 2.0 ... ec version 4.0 but left fan still running like crazy on quiet mode ..
  19. The_Bluffeur

    The_Bluffeur New Member

    Personnaly when I need my computer to be quiet I use NoteBook Fancontrol... But in other case I don't realy care of the little sound the fans are doing
  20. WaschBaer

    WaschBaer Active Member

    if the fans would be that silent .. its not just a little sound .. look my video :/ ... and nbfc is still causing random hybernate issues in mine .. even with poll set to 5000ms ...