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Razer Blade 2016 GTX 1060 Fan

Discussion in 'Systems' started by RazerGwynbleidd, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. realsmurf

    realsmurf Member

    i have installed it too, the fan noise didn't go down, on my blade its equal or even louder, I am not sure. The big thing for me is that the coil whine has been toned down alot, on max power its barely audible and on my 99% settings it is almost gone, only noticable when I put my head near the keyboard

    edit: just asked my gf, the fan noise did go up!
  2. WaschBaer

    WaschBaer Active Member

    defenetly true ! after using it a bit now i also noticed that coilwhine on normal energy settings is much reduced and on 99% i dont hear anything regarding coilwhine .. .just the fan like he sad hasnt changed .. but i think that would be an ec update needed .. maybe same version like the new one has
  3. DonutGrunt

    DonutGrunt New Member

    fucking razer piece of shit announced a new model on the same day.
  4. WaschBaer

    WaschBaer Active Member

    lol .. chill dude ...
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  5. PalmPanda

    PalmPanda New Member

    Welp, I tried my best with this laptop. I'm not bothered by the current fan issues and otherwise have had no issues with this laptop. However I left the laptop charging overnight and this morning when I went to get it, the laptop was like a tortilla warmer. I have until the 21st to return it, and unfortunately I think I'm going to have to. I'm not gonna risk a house fire on a laptop that cant sit on a power cable overnight. I have to agree that the QC is kinda scary, should my battery have critically overheated and combusted we would've had a house fire and Razer's QC would be to blame.
  6. Jayzus

    Jayzus Member

    There's no point in getting salty about Razer keeping the blade refresh secret, they would have severely impacted their Q4 sales if they announced their intention to make an iteration of their product within a quarter of when the last model was out - Not particularly pleasant practice, but it's not an abnormal business practice.

    What we would be entitled to get salty about is if Razer leave us RB 2016 1060 owners out when it comes to the issue highlighted in this thread - early anecdotal evidence shows that the refreshed blade features different fan control - after months of being ignored (which is poor from a consumer support perspective) this would be an exceptional unpleasant thing to do your users.
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  7. WaschBaer

    WaschBaer Active Member

    to mee it looked/ looks like they are intentionally trying to not help us .. so we someday loose our patience and just buy another blade .. a newer one .. that way of treating customers forcing them to buy new stuff bevore their old one leaves warranty period is in my eyes illegal .. but who knows what they are doing ... maybe they are hiding stuff because they only have 2 people sitting in support that are currently full on working on it .. or maybe they just hadnt had the time to help us because they had to get the new one out .. the bios fix is a step forward ! the coilwhine is significantly reduced ! .. only thing left now is the fan curve .. and therefore new ec firmware.. would be nicer if some one manages to extract the ec firmware from the new blade ... (hoping that it has the same ec chip .. what it possibly is )
  8. I did that 2.0 bios update and the fan was a bit louder after ... BTW, I mention that I was not able to update Synapse before I upgrade the bios.

    But, for what it's worth, the bios upgrade solved the battery, screen brightness and still hibernation issue atm ... let's see if it will last.

    Did you get any issues with NBFC after upgrading bios/synapse ?
  9. Pekkaee

    Pekkaee New Member

    Yes, I tried NBFC after the BIOS update and it just makes my system shut down after about 5 minutes. And I also noticed the fans were louder after the update.
  10. WaschBaer

    WaschBaer Active Member

    same for me .. hybernate issues when using nbfc ... but what i noticed during the update of the bios .. it seems that it was also rersetting the ec cause during the update the fans went down to 0 then setteled again in a normal idle state and then ramped up again during update after thhey had shut down again .. same happened when i updated the ec firmware .. its defenetly and ec firmware issue !!!
  11. Playmoz

    Playmoz New Member

    Did the upgrade, stil same fan noise... Hope to see an upcoming Synapse update to get the new fan profite the 2017 blade has.
  12. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    So I did the update and I got a BSOD during the process (also the fans completely turned off during it's installation which was so nice hearing the silence) when it recovered and restarted I opened it again and it said that the detected components were up to date...I'm uh...assuming no-one else had a BSOD in this procedure?
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  13. struselix

    struselix New Member

    Fortunately not.
  14. raihei

    raihei New Member

    I also tried the Bios Update V2.00 and it indeed eliminated almost all whining noises (coil whine) when the cpu or the ssd is working... But as stated before by the other users it doesn't change the fan behaviour / noise. I tried NBFC also and it gave me some occasional charger removed / low battery events. I changed the NBFC profile to the minimum required settings and I think this reduced these problems, but they are still not completely gone. (You can download the edited profile here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k7r3gprfew9hc8z/Razer Blade 2016.xml?dl=0)
    This worked for me to reduce the fan speed to ~20% when idle. When not idle the blade will change the speed by itself.

    But the sadest thing is how Razer treats its customers by completely ignoring everything that is related with this problem. Even a statement like "We know this problem but we can not change it" would be better than just ignoring us.

    I will return my Blade next week and buy a notebook from another company. (Bought it brand new this week) :-(
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  15. WaschBaer

    WaschBaer Active Member

    im still wondering why this bios update is not visible on the support page .. and there is also no exact patchnotes showing us what it is supposed to fix .. lol
  16. So the BIOS update definitely made a world of difference to the coil whine, it's no longer intrusive. But the fan noise is louder than ever!
  17. WaschBaer

    WaschBaer Active Member

    for me it actually stayed the same ... :D what fan speed does nbfc show in read only mode when you let it control by synapse ? cause mine is still showing it on 30-40% ---
  18. lol, it might just seem louder for me cause the coil whine's quieter (and tbh the coil whine annoyed me more because the high pitch was nasty). I haven't opened nbfc yet, I'll try tomorrow and let you know.
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  19. WaschBaer

    WaschBaer Active Member

    woow .. im searching thorugh the files of synapse to find a way to activate the 2017 blade profile .. and i just found the layout pics for synapse .. and guess what lays inside between the keyboard layouts ? ... yea a fanspeed slider picture ... lol .. going from red ( hot) to green(normal) to blue(cool) ... is this from the core ? i mean i found it in the blade folder .. not the core folder .. so might there be a fan slider coming ?
  20. Pekkaee

    Pekkaee New Member

    Could you give the exact pathway location of the folder?