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Razer Blade: anyone using precision drivers for the touchpad?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by diegoesp, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. AssaultKittens

    AssaultKittens New Member

    i still have the windows.old folder, im trying to figure out how to use it.
  2. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    @AssaultKittens, before you rollback, can you try if this workaround works for you? Instead of closing the lid to sleep, press the power button or sleep in start menu to put the laptop to sleep....once a sleep, white light blinking, not green, then close the lid....Open the lid (on battery of course) and see if the touchpad is ok....works on my RB (late 2016), but others haven´t had success with this....just curious really....to see if this workaround works for others, other than me.
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  3. AssaultKittens

    AssaultKittens New Member

    Can confirm it does work. I'll keep testing it!
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  4. I can also confirm hitting the power button prior to shutting the lid does allow the computer to wake up from sleep without the Trackpad and Keyboard going out.

    Razer Blade Stealth 2017 i5 7500U 8GB

    Hopefully Razer & Microsoft are quick to fix sleep/wake settings so trackpad keyboard don't go out, my guess is something to do with the new battery saving feature, it's as if the OS is not allowing power to trackpad, keyboard and USB ports.
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  5. bluefang

    bluefang New Member

    Hi. Just got an update of the Razer Synapse. Does this update bring any solution to this keyboard and trackpad problem? Thanks!
  6. See my post above yours....
  7. oelzchen

    oelzchen New Member

    Wait until your Razer hibernates, it will fall back to the old problem. I thought this workaround helps, but after a night and rewaking it (via power button) the problem reoccurs.

    However, I hope the fix on 14 November does address it and finally resolves the problem.
  8. AssaultKittens

    AssaultKittens New Member

    You should set a longer "hibernate after" timer under Advanced Power Settings (I use 180min) and just get in the habit of powering off your Razer at night, and when you know you won't be back on it quickly.

    Personally the 'power button sleep workaround' hasn't caused me to change any existing habits, I'm just not closing the lid to sleep my Blade anymore. Still eager for the 14th though.
  9. oelzchen

    oelzchen New Member

    Machines should support humans, not humans work according to machines' errors...
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  10. oelzchen

    oelzchen New Member

    Has anybody received news about the solution to the issue? I have just read that there are no patches coming for the Fall Creators Update today, as some were hoping for 14 November to get a fix.
  11. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member

    Maybe on this 1511 one.
  12. oelzchen

    oelzchen New Member

    I am looking into resolving the issue for the 1709!? You are posting a two year old update for 1511!?
  13. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member

    Haha sorry I was on go as posting saw Microsoft forum and thought 1711;) Since EU time is ahead for US, might be comes in following hours. Anyway on insider previews build 17035 from 8 November, I think some one reported his issues was fixed.
  14. The issue is sort of fixed. Still occasionally happens when on battery power and waking from sleep but not as much as it used to. A reset fixes the issue until the next time the laptop goes in to sleep mode.
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  15. MimiPinkbitguide097

    MimiPinkbitguide097 New Member

    Also having the issue now :/ But I already deleted my old Windows version...
    Razer Blades Stealth I7 8550U
  16. AssaultKittens

    AssaultKittens New Member

    The update dropped now, it looks resolved to me. I'm using windows 1709 and synaptics Works fine after closing and opening the lid!
  17. oelzchen

    oelzchen New Member

    I'm giving it a try now.
  18. Mine is working as well, and left the lid closed for about 3 hours. Here's hoping we have laptops that don't require reboots every wake.
  19. razortalent

    razortalent New Member

    Looks like it's fixed for me too .... so far.

    It's important to note that trackpad or other drivers have no impact in this. I tested this extensively and noted that this was an issue on RBS with a totally clean install of 1709 with ZERO drivers or Windows Updates installed. The problem was MS and not Razer in this case.