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Razer Phone - CDMA possible?

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by DrQuackeroo, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. NCboy94

    NCboy94 New Member

    @everyone so I'm slightly confused but happy yesterday I decided to throw the sims in and see if It would work if it didn't was going to the chat again and I was able to text call and used data WITHOUT LTE I had two bars but no LTE and it worked so maybe Verizon had enough complains about this phone they changed their system or something. I will say my signal dropped after the call ended but came back a few seconds later(forgot to mention I turned WiFi off to so it was nothing but cellular)
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  2. Gameymammal

    Gameymammal New Member

    So I was just gifted the Razer Phone and was incredibly excited until I realized it did not support CDMA. I really want to keep the phone, but my whole family has been on Verizon forever (though this is making me consider switching). Anyway, I have been reading this thread and have gotten the NFC SIM card and spent hours online with Verizon support to try and have my line added to just their LTE network to no avail. Am I just extremely unlucky, or is there some kind of buzzword I can use that I am missing? I will keep trying on my end in the meantime. Thanks for the great thread though!
  3. SkaiCloud

    SkaiCloud New Member

    Congrats on your Razer phone. So I've found out that all they did for me was a quick fix and I usually have to call back in and have them manually build me in the system again. I got sick and tired of it and since my LTE has never had an issue this is what I did.

    1. I finally activated my Google voice and get a phone number
    2. Forward my number cell number to my Google voice.

    That fix the phone side of things but when I call out it will be my Google voice number.

    What I did with texting is I set up an auto response to my number. Anyone that text my cell number will get an auto response to my Google voice number and they can text me from there.

    Any app that authenticate me via text message I now use my Google voice number and works fine. I'll use my Google voice number from now on. That way I will never have to worry about compatibility ever again.
  4. Gameymammal

    Gameymammal New Member

    Ooof, that suck to hear. I was just told my case is being escalated and I have a 5 day waiting period before a resolution, so I suppose I will wait until at least then. I don't have unlimited data, so the Google solution is not a great one for me. I've already started looking at AT&T and TMobile plans, so hopefully Verizon takes this to heart and gets their act together.
  5. SkaiCloud

    SkaiCloud New Member

    Ah right I forgot to mention you need be on the Verizon unlimited plan to work of the LTE thanks for pointing that out. We tried hopefully you have better success. Let us know what the out come is.
  6. Nuc1earF1ame

    Nuc1earF1ame Member

    Does anybody have any luck with using the Razer phone on sprints network, they are cdma also
  7. SenseiShad

    SenseiShad New Member

    Any update on this? Really want this phone but I'm not in a position to switch over to AT&T or T-Mobile currently. Major bummer for me...
  8. vidgamefreak

    vidgamefreak New Member

    incredibly bummed.. just received my limited gold edition today never even considering it wouldn't be compatible on Verisons network!! so when requesting a sim card I was shocked, well atleast It will be easy to return since its still unopened ....... i just dont have time to fight verison and i cant go possibly days to even a whole day without my phone ... guess ill have to wait till the next generation of Razer phone and hopefully it will be compatible, till then guess ill be using my old but completely reliable Droid turbo