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Razer Seirēn Elite | Elevate your Broadcast

Discussion in 'Broadcaster' started by Razer.WolfPack, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. App1e

    App1e Active Member

    Looks 10x better without sponge
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  2. chalklinefaces

    chalklinefaces New Member

    definitely something im intrested in. i cant wait to see this mic in testing/comparison videos!!
  3. BluScoot

    BluScoot New Member

    I'd say I'm tempted, but just HOW good can it remove background noise? As in, loud and obnoxious relatives and dogs that never stay still, no carpets in the house at all, and they can be heard from all the way across the house.

    Yeah I live in a bad situation that's only getting worse ^^;
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  4. DDD1006

    DDD1006 New Member

    It must be crazy! :eek:
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  5. JukiP07

    JukiP07 New Member

    I must have that!!! It looks nice.
  6. Petrie1002

    Petrie1002 New Member

    Where is the toaster man
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  7. Meowderp

    Meowderp Member

    Looks cool but I'm broke :slightly_sad:
  8. BluScoot

    BluScoot New Member

    I wish I was exaggerating on that but I'm not, and I don't need noise in my commentary.
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  9. SirJayDee

    SirJayDee Active Member

    I sure looks lite a pro mic.
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  10. CrimsonAssassin

    CrimsonAssassin New Member

    I want to really stream and broadcast but I don't really have enough peripherals for that. Hope to have these ones. :slightly_sad:
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  11. clemgun

    clemgun New Member

    Looks cool and dope!
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  12. Chromakid1989

    Chromakid1989 Member

    make it chroma and everyone will buy it
  13. patchesonhand

    patchesonhand New Member

    Yes, but does it have Chroma?
  14. mjmillonte

    mjmillonte New Member

    viva la vista
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  15. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Active Member

    I predict a special edition, with chroma .... summer of 2018
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  16. timmytummy

    timmytummy New Member

    How would Chroma work on a mic, like it flashes different colours depending on the words you say?
  17. adcbsg

    adcbsg Member

    ~ new razer ASMR series ~ brought to you by seiren elite ~
  18. alanseb007

    alanseb007 New Member

    i wish i could rub my hand all over it