Razer Synapse Not Saving Settings

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by radiovineBlond577, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. radiovineBlond577

    radiovineBlond577 New Member

    I just got a Razer Blackwidow X TE off eBay and the thing works great. All lights, buttons, and everything is in working order. One problem I have is that every time I exit Razer Synapse it reset my keyboard lighting to spectrum mode. I researched this online but everyone tells me to either:
    1. Reinstall Razer Synapse (I did, still resets)
    2. Contact Razer Support

    Can anyone recommend a way to fix this? Thanks.
  2. JustJozef

    JustJozef Active Member

    I thought it had to stay running for any of the profiles and stuff to work.
  3. SubzSwan92

    SubzSwan92 New Member

    I have had a similar issue using the Synapse 3 Beta, its not saving the profile to the device so when synapse is not running the keyboard and firefly revert back to spectrum but my mouse is running on the old synapse and works fine. I think its just a Beta issue which will be patched soon.
  4. radiovineBlond577

    radiovineBlond577 New Member

    I'm using Razer Synapse 2.21 currently. I hope they release a patch for it too. Just talked to the support people but still no solution.
  5. RazerSapiyo

    RazerSapiyo Community Staff Member

    Hi @radiovineBlond577, I've tested shutting down Synapse and relaunching the program and it's working fine.

    The reason why your device can't save custom effects is because they are driven by Synapse and not the device itself. The basic effects are programmed on to the device, that is why when you exit Synapse, the default settings are activated.

    Please continue to communicate with our support teams for this and free feel to drop me a PM if you need additional help.
  6. BboySurf

    BboySurf Active Member

    I am also using Synapse 2.21 fully updated, and i do have this issue with my headphones Kraken USB, which are a bit old i know, but every time i close the synapse or the pc the sound settings reset to default mode, it's pretty annoying that i have to max them every day but i suppose that's it since it is an old piece and it can't save the profiles settings like other products. However, i do own a BW Ultimate and i have created myself some profiles with lighting effects macros and more. So if i just want it to have a specific light effect i just choose the macro key and it stays like this until i restart the pc. Might want to do this too and see if it works.