[ROM] [Storage][Netflix] Adoptable Mi Rom by gabrielgagz v1.2

Discussion in 'Razer Forge TV' started by gabrielgag, Dec 9, 2016.

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    I might need to some help here. I'm trying to make my Forge TV usable again by installing Forgeflix, but I can't get to boot to recovery.

    The thing is, if I leave my HDMI cable plugged in, after "adb reboot bootloader" I briefly get into fastboot mode but almost immediately the Forge boots to Android. If I leave the HDMI unplugged, I do get to stay in fastboot mode, but if I boot to the TWRP recovery image, there's just not enough time for me to switch the USB *and* plug the HDMI back in, so I'm guessing TWRP never detects either and I just don't see anything in the screen.

    Any tips? I've also tried alt+print+i to try to boot to recovery with no success. TWRP is even flashed, I just can't get to boot to it. If don't do this, my Forge is back to being a paper weight :slightly_sad:
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    Well, i can't help you here...i never have problem with "adb reboot bootloader".
    The thing is if you flash twrp and do not boot into it the rom probably will override the recovery with the official one...