Score zSilver with the new Razer Insider Achievements

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  1. Razer|Gwynbleidd

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    Hey Insiders,

    We have officially integrated zSilver with Razer Insider in our new achievements system! This system allows you to earn additional zSilver while you engage in Razer Insider forums to unlock achievements. The more you participate in Razer Insider, the closer you are to redeeming Razer gear and exclusives, like the Razer Mug Holder. Discover them all now:

    We've refreshed Razer Insider's look to give you a smoother experience. Keep a lookout for the changes while you're earning rewards, and continue to share your feedback.

    With the new Razer Insider Achievements kicking in, we also want to take this chance to make Razer Insider a better place for all fans:

    - We will start by revising our moderation systems to provide a clearer penalty system and updated Razer Insider House Rules. This will prevent users from posting poor quality content or spamming.
    - We’ve recently welcomed Firebat246 as our new Insider Mod and will continue to search for more. If you think that you’re up to the task, feel free to reach out to us!

    We'll open new ways for you to share content with us. We love the Everyday Carry that you shared during the Winter Fiesta, and we want more!

    As the Razer Insider Achievements is in beta, do expect more tasks to unlock such as weekly quests or even offline events.

    If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message.
  2. Quailstick

    Quailstick Active Member

    So are this rewards retroactive?
  3. Razer|Technokat

    Razer|Technokat Senior Brand Manager Staff Member

    Yes they are - you should be able to see the Convert to zSilver button.
  4. Minecraftfan12

    Minecraftfan12 Active Member

    When a user gets the ZSilver credited and how much Zsilver will we get for every achievement ?

    P.S. This makes me a lot more proud to be a Razer Insider :)

    Update: I Understood now how it works, the number tells how much ZSilver you get... Continue doing some awesome stuff like that :heart:
  5. Quailstick

    Quailstick Active Member

    Thanks! I see it and converted everything that I already got!
  6. iStinger

    iStinger Active Member

    Welcome Firebat246! Looking forward to the improved penalty system, hopefully it will be able to generate more quality posts.
  7. Hescar

    Hescar New Member

    `this is great! looking foward to win more zsilver!
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  8. Thanks for this addition! Closer to the mug holder every minute ;)
  9. sammyG

    sammyG New Member

    How long will the chroma mug be available for zsilver redemption?
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  10. Razer|Technokat

    Razer|Technokat Senior Brand Manager Staff Member

    To also quickly add on to this - this is just an initial sampler of what Razer Insiders can do by actively participating on the forum, we've a larger list that we're sorting out and you'll be certain that we'll work towards adding them on a regular basis.
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  11. Grovesimus

    Grovesimus New Member

    Congratulations, Firebat246, on becoming an insider mod!
    Thanks for the update Gwynbleidd, looking forward to the new changes.
  12. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    Nice to see this implemented :) Hopefully no-one is upset that the codes disappeared even though they said they wouldn't expire until much later in the year ^^'

    Interested to see what the other stuff you've got planned is :) I will admit I was surprised at the values, some of them are quite low in the scheme of things, especially when you compare the achievement to how much closer the current zSilver moves you to a reward.
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  13. Anu_cool_007

    Anu_cool_007 New Member

    Nice work :)
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  14. Michael Pabia

    Michael Pabia New Member

    Well, that's helpful! Will check those achievements out! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  15. Christinde

    Christinde Active Member

    This is AWSOME!
    Great idea, and looking forward to the improvements.
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  16. Razer|Technokat

    Razer|Technokat Senior Brand Manager Staff Member

    It opens up a variety of ways (i.e. actions) our fans can take and well, mainly what zGold and zSilver hopes to achieve - a unified system. With the old rewards system it does not do that.

    Now, whether you're gaming on Razer Cortex, spending zGold to buy games, or interacting with us on Razer Insider - you're earning the same zSilver rewards currency that honestly, opens up a bigger catalogue of things you can redeem.
  17. Firebat246

    Firebat246 Active Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!! Very happy to be here and part of the team!
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  18. Kevinas321

    Kevinas321 Member

    Nice to see that we can earn silver here too :D
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  19. Grovesimus

    Grovesimus New Member

    Ah, I think I found a bug just now. The "REWARDS >" button up at the top of the page doesn't redirect to the index.php?pages/rewards/ page anymore.
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  20. App1e

    App1e Active Member

    1000 likes - 500silver
    1000 posts - 500 silver ?

    Same like 150minutes in game ? ;p

    BTW. RAZER thanks for another forum update :heart:
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