Score zSilver with the new Razer Insider Achievements

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  1. booruu52

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    Takes like a couple hours, I usually check it the next day to redeem it
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  5. Soldadito

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    Hi guys, just joined Razer Inside and this is probably already asked but, if I made some of the rewards how do I convert that to zSilver.
    It's like I didn't do anything because in the achievements says that I don't have any trophies yet so idk what to do.

    Thx for reading this
  6. Hiffix

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    If u complete task u have to wait few min maybe hours then tropies appears in rewards page after that u click on claim button next to task.
  7. wayfastworm

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    Saw the other day the chroma headphone holder, when will you have this up for a reward? and how much will it be??
  8. QeXDee

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    Hi so i just went to a Razer AFK and took a picture with Min Liang Tan , how do i redeem the achievement for both?
  9. kajira

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    Likes are a currency around here and each member only gets FIVE per day to hand out. Please don't ask for them, it's viewed the same as begging for free gear. (get likes, get trophies, earn zSilver, get gear = likes are currency for gear and it's against the rules to beg for them)

    I can take up to two days for some of the trophies to register. However, if you're absolutely certain you've met the requirements for something and it doesn't show up in at least 3-5 days then please contact a Razer staff member for assistance. :)
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    Zsilver is awesome :)
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    I think its only the full version. If I'm wrong anyone feel free to correct me.

    I was gonna get one of those at first, it was easily obtained and that was a lure, but then Razer started adding more items when they do their refreshes and they teased me into holding out of the Ornata Keyboard.
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