[TEST] Patched Netflix apk (tablet) with probably 1080p output

Discussion in 'Razer Forge TV' started by gabrielgag, Aug 30, 2016.

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  1. gabrielgag

    gabrielgag Active Member

    Hi guy, according to this post on xda ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/sho...cdb6a37a496259c9af3ef&p=65001865&postcount=12 ) all devices with Widevine L1 are capable to output 1080p with Netflix. I check in the forge, with the app DRM INFO and our devie is Widevine certified. So i create a patched apk following the instructions posted in the forum. The app install fine, is hard to navigate with the remote controller but at least is something.
    You can find the link in the Razer community on Google Plus. PLEASE TEST the original and untouched apk from apk mirror and compare the output resolution with the apk i've created, if the process was correct should be output max 1080p.

    Download links: https://plus.google.com/102509526912041899879/posts/JncStttvCBL

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  2. Knaart

    Knaart New Member

    Is it still the Touch interface?
  3. gabrielgag

    gabrielgag Active Member

    Yes but you can handle almost all with the remote...
  4. Damac10

    Damac10 Member

    Airmouse should be best for control. Can only test Thursday. Hope HD works. Will really be a milestone for android boxes with drm that are still restricted to 480p

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  5. goodhur

    goodhur Active Member

    Example short says 5800kps, 1920x1080 Par 1:1. Obviously don't expect surround support on tablet version. But yes it is HD!

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  6. gabrielgag

    gabrielgag Active Member

    Well, this is a great new at least we have something to start!
  7. Damac10

    Damac10 Member

    Woohoo...that's great news for all my android boxes with the necessary drm. No need for official Netflix unless it's 4K

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  8. roymathieu

    roymathieu New Member

    Confirmed 1080p on my forge TV with that modded apk here!
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  9. Crunch77

    Crunch77 Member

    Absolutely needs surround

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