The New Razer Blade (7th Gen Intel i7)

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  1. fer.geraci

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    Hey @JLP209 I am liking it a lot. I really do, I am considering it. The BB is not terrible at all... but better's always an option no?I was just wondering though to also know where the warranty sticker is located.
  2. Maky29

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    Razer Blade 14", 2017 (17) version.
  3. davidmthekidd

    davidmthekidd Active Member

    what warranty sticker?? I looked for it and couldn't see it, is there such thing on the blade???
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  4. Katana

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    Does anyone have Forza Horizon 3? If so, does it run okay on the new blade? I'm curious how it will perform on the 1060
  5. Joikansai

    Joikansai Active Member

    It plays very well on my QHD+ Late 16 all high setting i think, cause i don't have the Blade now. Want to buy mountain blizzard dlc tough but I have no system that can run it, in Edge on very low setting, with 15 FPS...nope. So it will no problem with Kabylake one.
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  6. FearLezZ90

    FearLezZ90 Active Member

    Oh okay sorry my mistake :S thanks again!
  7. davidmthekidd

    davidmthekidd Active Member

    Sent back the Razer Blade 2017 with Stupid Backlight Bleed to Microsoft. I'll say this tho, the Blade Could VR like no other, it handled everything that I threw at it in VR. I own the Oculus Rift, and I love the fact that I could take my Oculus Anywhere in the house and play, No longer cored to just a a single room. Can't wait to get the replacement from Microsoft, hopefully it will have less bleed.
  8. ooldos67

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    Hey there,
    I just ordered my Kaby Blade, since then I have read this whole thread and have learned quite a lot (mainly that lots of people get back light bleed and, more recently, peoples problems with wifi connectivity). How bad is most peoples BLB? Is it noticeable when using your blade in the daytime? Do you notice it when your screen is not black (ie normal use)?

    This is my first 'High End' laptop purchase so I feel like I'm gonna be impressed with this laptop no matter what, however, should I be worried about BLB? or are people being super nit-picky and using the price tag to justify it? For me personally, I feel like a little bit won't bother me at all.

  9. LeVioloniste

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    Be ready to have to go through RMA, ordered my first one in January went through two RMA, first one was a late 2016 QHD with deficient memory resulting in BSOD, the second one a kaby lake FHD 2017 with wifi problems and my third one now, wifi problems, I reset the network and now it looks like it is working.. However, I can see that I have light bleed on the bottom of my screen.. I am probably going to return it again and again.. My philosophy is that we pay a very good amount of money, we should get perfect machines
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  10. Bawckbawck

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    @davidmthekidd @fer.geraci there is no warranty sticker. I was about to replace my drive just before it took a dump on me. The only warning you get is the one you read about your warranty.
  11. davidmthekidd

    davidmthekidd Active Member

    I agree, if we pay over $2,000 for these laptops we should get $2,000 worth of hardware, all these RMA should a clear message to Razer's QC Department and to the CEO him self. Razer went with a different IPS panel manufacturer this year, wonder if it is cheaper in quality. I did like the image quality tho, everything sharp and gorgeous colors, it out-performed my old QHD from 2015 aside from sharper text.
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  12. LeVioloniste

    LeVioloniste New Member

    Exactly, my IPS is pretty good except for the light bleed. This is quiet a shame I had to go through the entire process of three RMA. For the three past months, I did not have a laptop for a month and a half at the end. It takes them every time two weeks to get a new one. I am quiet pissed at Razer, their QC is a joke, their customer service even worst, taking them one to two days to answer etc...
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  13. davidmthekidd

    davidmthekidd Active Member

    I bought two Blades, one from Microsoft and the other from Razer. I bought the Blade from Razer three days before I went to the Microsoft site and found the 2017 model and decided to buy it from the MS online store instead in order to get the student discount and the Extra Coverage. After dealing with both companies for the same product, I will NEVER buy from Razer directly again. Only via Microsoft, I'm still trying to Return the Blade from the Razer site after almost two full weeks, NO THANKS!
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  14. LeVioloniste

    LeVioloniste New Member

    That is what I should have done... Do MS insure a better QC after receiving the laptops from Razer ? Do they check them or they just play the role of a retailer ?
  15. JLP209

    JLP209 Active Member

    I'm convinced the bleed issues are not caused by defective panels as stated before. It's the bezel pressure. The bezel is not tightly up against the LCD in the places where the bleed occurs. The LCD is super sensitive to pressure. I gently pushed on the bottom of the bezel all along the width of the screen for about 30 seconds. No idea if it is a permanent solution but this seems to have almost completely eliminated my BLB even at 100% brightness.

    Here are my photos from before:
    The New Razer Blade (7th Gen Intel i7)

    Here are photos I just took. Notice the bottom of the screen compared to the earlier photos:

    100% brightness:

    50% brightness:
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  16. FearLezZ90

    FearLezZ90 Active Member

    As always there can be some defect but be positive. I've also had a problem where my blade didn't boot after 5 days and it took Razer 10 days to send me a new one but I'm very happy and satisfied with the new one - although I also was satisfied with the first one. I didn't notice a BLB on the first one and I also can't see one on the new one. The first thing you have to do is to uninstall the killer network suite from the programs and restart. After that you shouldn't encounter any WiFi issues. Unfortunately I have no recommendation regarding the BLB problem but you might also be lucky. Nevertheless I wish you a lot of fun with your new Blade and I'm sure you will be very happy with it :)!
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  17. SpideyPotter

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    Has there been a European Release date for this? or have i just skimmed the details and totall missed that part lol
  18. SpideyPotter

    SpideyPotter New Member

    Nevermind, i was having a blind moment!
  19. davidmthekidd

    davidmthekidd Active Member

    My first blade from 2015 was in perfect condition, also, the box was opened which might have been MS QC. This time around the Box was completely sealed hence the IPS Back Light Bleed. But overall, MS Costumer Service is very good when compared to Razer's which is utter shit.
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  20. davidmthekidd

    davidmthekidd Active Member

    well that looks better, did it stay reduced or did it go back to the Bleed? that's looking great man....
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