The New Razer Blade (7th Gen Intel i7)

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    Setting it to silent mode for me fixes any loud fans. I can work for hours. A non issue for me. Unless my ears are bad it's totally tolerable and if I have music playing even at a super low volume I can't even hear fans.[/QUOTE]
    Not really .. Look up the thread about that .. All that is happening on silent Mode .. Ec4.0 Firmware completly bugged the Fan control
  2. Firebat246

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    Not really .. Look up the thread about that .. All that is happening on silent Mode .. Ec4.0 Firmware completly bugged the Fan control[/QUOTE]
    Hmmm must only have effected certain machines then. I'm on 4.0 with no issues. That's a shame I hope they fix it. Also I hope my new Kaby Blade doesn't have that issue.
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    Hi all! I was wondering if any of you use your Razer Blade as a portable workstation for graphics? If so, can you share your thoughts on using it for this in addition to some gaming. I work in motion graphics/vfx and I need a light portable workstation to do After Effects (a lot of Element 3D) and some photoshop, illustrator & C4D.

    There are of course tons of other options out there but I keep coming back to the Razer Blade as it has the best design & portability along with great specs. One thing I'm a bit worried about the 16gb RAM as it is not up-gradable, any of you design people have the problem with not enough RAM?

    Right now I'm looking at this new Kaby Lake Blade, full HD with 512gb SSD.

    PS: Does anyone know when it will be available on the microsoft store?

    Would really appreciate some input, thanks a lot!
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    the naming is really horrible
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    Their press release stated Feb 20th to "Select Partners" here:

    And even though it says "exclusive" on right now, you can already see it as available for pre-order on the 20th on They have warranties you can buy that even include drop protection, but reviews are hit/miss on the company.

    Calling Microsoft, the rep got info from a supervisor who I could tell knew the system I was talking about and said they had no info yet. He pointed out that on a prior release, they trailed by several months until they had them in stock... He said to me, "maybe by summer".

    But hey, keep refreshing on microsoftstore... it wouldn't surprise me to see them pop up on the 20th once they get their new webpage in order. They've been just as established of a retail partner, like Amazon.
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    Would really like to see what Razer is doing to address quality control. I saw the February 3 Louis Rossman video on mosfet issues and came away concerned.
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    I had the 2015-gtx 970m version and used it for vfx work and it worked like a charm. Foundry's NUKE ran like a champ, also Adobe apps worked flawless, 16GB of ram should be the bare minimum these days for creative work, should be fine. alt-tho, I might recommend the 4k version instead due to the color accuracy.
  8. davidmthekidd

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    Yeah, I saw it as well, very concerned.......
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    My Kaby Blade arrived today! I had it shipped to my business so I wil be able to fire it up when I get home from work. Looking forward to testing it out tonight and on my day off tomorrow.
  10. Firebat246

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    I don't believe there is any confirmation that 2016 models had this issue.
  11. davidmthekidd

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    Dude please Write about asap. Play with it first, fire it up, stress it, check the fan noise, the screen quality ect...... which one did you get?
  12. Firebat246

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    I got the 1tb FHD... the only model worth getting ;).... I will let you guys know how it goes.
  13. davidmthekidd

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    What will you use this for? only gaming and personal computing? any creative work?
  14. top-eagle

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    Hope mine (same as firebat; Business-NB) will arrive tomorrow :) what a twist that only the 1tb-version is available in germany :D :D
    let's test it then :)
  15. Firebat246

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    Gaming and personal. Some business but not much of the business side will be creative work. I know people eat up 4K for content creation but I did not like my 4K blade screen very much.

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    @Firebat246 : Very interested to read about your impressions vs the 2016 1060 Blade. I might be tempted to side-grade from my 6700HQ/1060/FHD to the 2017 model, haha.

    I was in court today with my Blade and the judge asked me what the logo is and "are those green feet? I saw that logo in Europe before." I laughed and said no they are snakes you idiot, now approve my client's case and hit the bricks junior.

    Not embarrassed to rock the glowing snake logo in court! Speaking of the glowing logo, please post if you are able to turn the logo / LED off on the new FHD Blade or if it is the same as the 2016 FHD?
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    The judge was right, you know. The triskelion is an ancient symbol in Europe, traditionally shown as three feet (for example, in Sicily or Malta).

  18. JLP209

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    @reloader-1 : LOL. Touche. :frown_:

    That's actually pretty awesome that he knew that.
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    Props for taking it well! I edited my post :)
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    Nah your original post was great, I'm the idiot, LOL. Now that I really think about it I did hear this / the origin of it somewhere way back when I first heard about the Razer logo.