The New Razer Blade Stealth

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  1. surfer0625

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    According to the Razer website, there is no difference.
    Then click on "Tech spec" toward the bottom of the page.
    I bought my 12.5 stealth last month when it first went on sale for 1399. I'm very happy with it. I'm just saving up for the core and a card now.

    Down the road I'd like to upgrade to the 14 inch, but thats for another conversation :)

    Oh and David Lee has a great breakdown on youtube of the key differences
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  2. Dovahwulf

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    When will the Gunmetal version be available on the Razer store? Amazon has it listed already but only in the 512GB variant.
  3. cap167

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    I had placed an order for the gunmetal 256gb version on Amazon and it currently states release date as being July 25th on my orders page. If I click on the link for the item though Amazon states it can't find the page. Now I'm wondering if the 25th is accurate or not.
  4. Dovahwulf

    Dovahwulf New Member

    It won't let you order a 256GB version of the gunmetal anymore and their support chat said they aren't currently selling it in that capacity.
  5. izidev

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    It's very nice :)
  6. WkMeUpInside

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    That gun metal finish though... Slurrrrrrp
  7. Aft3rb1rth

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    This is definitely my dream laptop!
  8. Hardsequencer

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    I prefer pc desktop gaming to be honest , The blade looks cool but ive never really been a big fan of laptops. :rolleyes:Having said all of that this looks like a beast and if i had it id probably change my mind :big_grin_:
  9. TheTubbie

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    i'll order mine today, hopefully with low delivery time, and i am currently trying to find a solution for using a Samsung T3 for example while powering the stealth. It sadly just has usb 3.0
  10. BaffTech

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    I'm starting to regret having ordered through Amazon as they are not able to confirm or not their estimate (the only thing I know is that they don't have stock right now).
    If I didn't have this fear about Razer's own after sales services (due to the numerous bad experiences read here and elsewhere), I would cancel it right now and re-order from Razer store...
  11. pvppro19

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    Nice! Can't wait to get one!
  12. tianting

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    Any ideas if they are going to do the same to the 14 inch one?? Like thinner bezels and better trackpads?
  13. rzbrapp

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    Quick update, well after a couple weeks of minor abuse so far no major issues with my black 13.3, except for all the finger prints 8). Dbrand skin added to top cover to deal with my ocd...

    After tearing apart the slick packaging, I immediately upgraded to Win pro, swapped out the 256gb pm951 for a bigger and faster evo 960. Used windows 10 backup-->emergency disk boot-->restore apps to mirror the factory image, and "minitool partition" to extend the unallocated space on C partition, quick and easy swap. At this price point, thinking the evo ssd should at least be the default baseline ssd, just my 2 cents.

    evo 960 512gb perf on Stealth 13.3

    Only one minor issue when connected in home office mode. Very laggy "lancehead" mouse when mouse/keyboard are connected to monitor usb3's and using usb-c carrier between laptop and monitor. The workaround is simply plug mouse directly into one of the scarce usb3s on laptop, one extra cable to deal with for grab and go. Installed the latest drivers from "latest driver versions" and no change, most likely driver growing pains or could also be the cable. Ordered new thunderbolt v3 cable (40gbps) as a precaution.

    new setup: 13.3 blackstealth, ornata chroma keyboard, lancehead wireless mouse, lg 38uc99 21:9

    ***still need to cleanup up cable routing
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  14. cubeman

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    It looks soooo puuurty. What's the battery life on this like? Does it throttle? Why is this better than the X1 Carbon as an ultrabook?
  15. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan New Member

    the more and more I see it, the more the simple looks of it are growing on me
  16. Everit

    Everit New Member

    Maybe I can actually afford next years model lol :,(
  17. rzbrapp

    rzbrapp New Member

    These ultrabooks are all very similar, endless ultrabook "paid" smack downs on youtube. Really depends on your needs and which one makes you "feel" better... For me, stealth was a bit cheaper when equally spec'd over the x1 carbon, also higher screen resolution (3200x1800), intel i7-7500U chip and not to mention the cool chroma keyboard back lighting. I also have a lenevo 470s for work so looking for a change of pace.
  18. C9b20

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    amazing! perfect colors (y)
  19. Smurf_SVK

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    What are my options if I want to buy the new Stealth in Czech Republic? I will be going to business trip to US soon so thinking about purchasing it there, but how is it with the support/warranty in that case? Will I need to send to US if something goes wrong or can I use the closest authorized Razer partner? Anyone has any experience with it? Another question would be the power supply. Can I simply exchange the cable to the power brick or I need entirely new one for Europe?
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  20. Joikansai

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    Why don't you just buy from your friends or relatives in EU lands like Germany, you'll get better support and two years warranty here in case there is something wrong. I think you can also get CS or warranty here but it'll be quite complicated if you are not stay in US, for details you could contact EU CS support under EU Hotline Supports
    About power supply, on my Blade 14, you just take off the cable and change it in EU power brick, don't know exactly about stealth.