The new Razer Rogue 17.3" Backpack

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by Razer|Gwynbleidd, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. SilentMarten

    SilentMarten New Member

    I ended up getting one of these for college. It's not bad. I love it.
  2. Honeyworks

    Honeyworks New Member

    This looks so much more sleek than the other backpacks they release so far! You guys have piqued my interest!
  3. Fazethree

    Fazethree New Member

    Ima need one of those fo sho!
  4. markieg

    markieg Active Member

    That is one sleek bag, I likey
  5. BlestAlmond

    BlestAlmond New Member

    Id kill for one of these. :kissing_heart:
  6. PyToRkkk

    PyToRkkk New Member

    [QUOTE = "Razer | Gwynbleidd, poste: 376487, membre: 368765"] [ATTACH = plein] 500190 [/ ATTACH]
    Emballez votre équipement avec style et inontiez les éléments avec le nouveau sac à dos Razer Rogue 17.3 "-

    Construit pour durer et maîtriser les éléments, le nouveau sac à dos Razer Rogue 17.3 "vous permet d'emballer encore plus tout en gardant le style en échec. Couvert de panneaux de protection respiratoire sur le dos et les bandoulières, restez au chaud partout où vous allez. Les harnais pivotants à cinq positions et un piège à poitrine, bénéficient d'un confort total pour votre prochaine lecture, rencontre ou jeu.

    Et oui, cela correspond parfaitement au nouveau Razer Blade Pro et à la plupart des ordinateurs portables de 17 "tout en offrant des tonnes d'espace libre pour le reste de votre équipement.

    Découvrez la famille complète Razer Rogue Backpack maintenant - disponible en 13.3 ", 15.6" et le nouveau 17.3 "- [/ QUOTE]
    Magnifique et simple tous ce que j'aime.
  7. buddyWalrus

    buddyWalrus New Member

    i wish you could customize razer gear/apparel, like i would love to be able to move the "razer" off the to side of the bag vs the center, and also have some more green accents. that being said, still want the bag.
  8. Archeria

    Archeria New Member

    Looks nice,
    i would like to see a RGB Backpack ;)
  9. Topher82

    Topher82 New Member

    I'll take your peripherals from you, lol. But seriously they would have to have stock left for you to turn it in on zSilver because it seems anything I tried to redeem is not available!
  10. Android5

    Android5 New Member

    Lol... I got a beat up Anansi that's gotten all sticky and gummy from 4 years of use.

    Either the backpack or Hammerhead has caught my eye... They both have stock. Seriously considering it first...
  11. DunTokyo

    DunTokyo New Member

    I wish this was available when I bought my RBP - was very hard to find a good bag that fit that monster. I ended up getting a massive "kitchen sink" from Oakley that works but is still a bit tight. I'd like to see some videos of someone putting in and taking out their big 17" with this bag.