The Razer Basilisk | The World's Most Advanced FPS Mouse

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    1200x628-1.jpg Fast. Accurate. Deadly. Snipe your enemies with the new Razer Basilisk:

    FPS players, rejoice! The Razer Basilisk sports a DPI clutch offering absolute control on-the-fly. When held down, it allows you to temporarily change your sensitivity as you aim down sight or execute fast-paced actions. Easily accessible with your thumb and fully programmable via Razer Synapse, the clutch can be linked to any aspect of gameplay from DPI changes to Push-to-Talk—a new indispensable tool to your gaming kit.


    Built for the kill, this new weapon also features our esports-grade optical sensor capable of true 16,000 DPI, allowing smooth performance and extreme precision on the battlefield. Paired with Razer Mechanical Mouse Switches, the Razer Basilisk is a beast of accuracy, designed to outlast the most enduring fights.

    Outfitted with a tunable setting dial underneath it, the Razer Basilisk lets you tweak your scroll wheel resistance for greater precision when you select your weapon, bhop all around the map or zero in your enemies.

    Thanks to our years of experience designing gaming mice, the Razer Basilisk rocks amazing ergonomics for you to play through the longest battles in comfort. It also rocks 16.8 million shades of Razer Chroma awesomeness, in-sync with your gameplay.

    Master the battlefield and clutch the win with the new Razer Basilisk—the world’s most advanced FPS mouse:
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    DAMNNNN so good !!!!!! I just got the razer lancehead but might get that one as well
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    Nice! Looks amazing!
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  5. pls

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    legit looks amazing
  6. JoshuaDarkhat

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    Damn, RAZER is ON FIRE with each new release :fire::fire:
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    Reporting in!
  8. Meloque

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    WOW WOW WOW take it easy snakes!
  9. MaximumBunny

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    Nice. Now we just need to wait for an FPS worth playing. ;)
  10. Android5

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    This needs a video... I'm not sure what his doing with the lever? Is that a lever on the side?
  11. Razer|Gwynbleidd

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    That's the our new fully programmable clutch! Let's take an example - you're changing class to go sniping the enemy. When you aim down your sight, you can press the clutch to lower the sensitivity of the Razer Basilisk. As long as you press it down, your DPI will be lower and you'll be more accurate. Take the shot, un-press the clutch and find yourself back with your default sensitivity as you run around the map.

    The best part is that the clutch can be programmed to do pretty much everything in-game: Push-to-talk, quick loot on PUBG, throw a grenade... It's really up to you! :)
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    Looks really nice, but I think i prefer the simple ergonomics of my DA.
  13. Worst_Teammate

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    Wut. I live on the street soon
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    yeah, same here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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    so how does that not scratch the mouse pad?
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    damn... razer on fire in this opening month....
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    lol i just got mine too. using it now. TIME TO BUY ANOTHER ONE!
  18. Fisz

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    No builtin memory? :slightly_sad:
    THe shape looks perfect for my hand, and the Lancehead TE & DeathAdder Elite sensor :heart: awesomeness.
  19. Jemsa

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    Here i am! Not so early but still
  20. lyrill

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    but it's been nearly a year since dae and roccat made owl eye the natural movement thingy to 3360 and ss made 1:1 truemove thingy to 3360 like they are suddenly koenisegg or something and what, they think razer is lambo? kek