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Discussion in 'Systems' started by Razer|Technokat, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. somnify

    somnify New Member

    I hope it releases soon, I really need a laptop...
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  2. VAsRhdHachiRoku

    VAsRhdHachiRoku New Member

    Yep I agree, but the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are not that thick and support the Intel Real Sense camera. As for finger print reader the Surface Pro 4 Enterprise Keyboard is super light and thin and has a thumb print reader.

    I was really excited about this product, but its lacking the Windows Hello support and that is something big for me. I love the Razer Stargazer on my desktop! A lot of my apps are support Windows Hello like Enpass, and even on the web sites like are starting to support biometric logins.

    Hopefully the next version of this solution they will add the Hello support and I'll be inline to order!!
  3. catalineonthehudson

    catalineonthehudson New Member

    It's currently onsale at the amazon germany site apparently, anyone have any update on when it'll go up stateside?
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  4. Niwoo

    Niwoo New Member

    UK impatiently waiting...refreshing...
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  5. Joikansai

    Joikansai Active Member

    Yesterday stated that it will be available today, but they updated it and now it said will be available on 12 May.
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  6. szymonsays

    szymonsays New Member

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  7. Wolf Katanacaster

    Wolf Katanacaster Active Member

    Perfect laptop, from design to performance, it has all you need!
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  8. Shoes-pc

    Shoes-pc New Member

    The 2016 model is a beast and while all gaming laptops are loud it really isn't bad compared to the larger competitors.
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  9. Wolf Katanacaster

    Wolf Katanacaster Active Member

    I agree bro! Definitely the best!
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  10. tdking01

    tdking01 Active Member

    Razer Blade is something awesome . It would be very interesting to see a newer version of it having a Ryzen CPU !
  11. Felix Beckmann

    Felix Beckmann New Member

    That thing is awesome! I can't afford it but it's great to see how much power Razer can put in such a slim Laptop. Just stunning.
  12. PareBot

    PareBot New Member

    Man, if only I weren't broke, and could buy more than a surface pro...
  13. Bhups

    Bhups New Member

    Any idea when this is going to be in stock for UK?
  14. Z4x

    Z4x Active Member

    You gotta be kidding...
  15. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    orders start today at 6:00PM Pacific Time.
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  16. henryko67

    henryko67 New Member

    Finally dude, can't wait to order one! How'd you find out though?

    Oh, and will it be available on Amazon or only the Razerstore?
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  17. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    Received an email from razer. Amazon will probably be shipping a little later.
  18. henryko67

    henryko67 New Member

    Lol dang, when I asked, they never gave me a release date. Thanks again dude!
  19. Niwoo

    Niwoo New Member

    Should I order direct from Razer or Amazon?
  20. henryko67

    henryko67 New Member

    Well... I think they'll release on Razerstore earlier, and they usually give freebies there too so.... I would stick to Razer if i were you. In the case of repairs though, Amazon will just swap out the product for you (though I don't know how the process works, so maybe if they are out of stock you're s**t outta luck lol).
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