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The Razer Blade Pro | Perfection Certified

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Razer|Technokat, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. Niwoo

    Niwoo New Member

    Should I order direct from Razer or Amazon?
  2. henryko67

    henryko67 New Member

    Well... I think they'll release on Razerstore earlier, and they usually give freebies there too so.... I would stick to Razer if i were you. In the case of repairs though, Amazon will just swap out the product for you (though I don't know how the process works, so maybe if they are out of stock you're s**t outta luck lol).
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  3. Shoes-pc

    Shoes-pc New Member

    Agreed, I would opt for Razer.
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  4. somnify

    somnify New Member

    Well it's 6 and I still can't purchase it. haha.

    Edit: Got a 512 since I cant get a 1TB for some reason. 2TB is too expensive for me.
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  5. Niwoo

    Niwoo New Member

    Please release it already :)
  6. brucek2

    brucek2 New Member

    No 1 TB released ;-( 512 too little, 2GB too much. And can't open to fix it yourself without voiding warranty. Guess I'm waiting.
  7. Niwoo

    Niwoo New Member

    Pretty much my thoughts. UK here, probably a bit longer :/
  8. brucek2

    brucek2 New Member

    Insisting on 2 SSDs in Raid 0 is unfortunate here. It may be a nice marketing gimmick but it is unlikely to provide real performance benefits over already excellent (and parallelized) single SSD performance, but it is preventing them from using the supply of 1 TB sticks they have one at a time to make more of the 1 TB models customers want.
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  9. MataPichones

    MataPichones Member

    out of stock already?! less than 20 mins?!?!
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  10. Niwoo

    Niwoo New Member

    Who the hell releases a product to go out of stock immediately lol.

    "Yeah lets build 5 of each for our launch day! Sounds good guys!"
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  11. Niwoo

    Niwoo New Member

    Just went live UK as well...but guess what, out of stock!
  12. Xray

    Xray New Member

    Managed to place my order for the 2TB config - can't wait to play Mass Effect and do some coding on this sweet machine ;) Also looking forward to the Hammerhead for iPhone - glowing Razer earbuds - how cool is that! Rock on Razer.
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  13. that looks like an amazing laptop. I was going to save up for the other blade but now in saving for this. :)
  14. Niwoo

    Niwoo New Member

    Any estimated arrival date?
  15. Joikansai

    Joikansai Active Member

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  16. Dweedlez

    Dweedlez New Member

    The only problem i see is that there is no left hand version ;-; but I can see why they would not do so, the price of production vs the audience that it is actually catering towards is not worth it but I LOVE IT!!!
  17. dmheim

    dmheim New Member

    Lucky... I got all the way to the "Confirm Order" screen (after having put in my credit card), and was told on the last page they were out of stock.

    Is there no reservation system when you click "Buy Now"? Cause I should be able to enter payment information without a machine being stolen out from under me..
  18. Heatflux

    Heatflux New Member

    Had the same exact problem...Tried with all three pro models until each one sold out in a matter of minutes with no luck. Contacted Razer store support and this is what I got back:

    "I am ****** and i will be handling your case.

    I have reviewed on your case and kindly do provide us an screenshot of the issue or i highly recommend you clear your cache or try using a different web browser / device, or use incognito / private browsing.

    Should you need any further assistance do not hesitate to reply back to this email."

    Apparently easiest way out was to blame the browser instead of at least giving us a new release date for second batch or a simple apology for the loyal Razer customers.

  19. Burgers86

    Burgers86 New Member

    I managed to place an order for the 2TB one right as the sale went live.

    I got a confirmation email, but now the orders status page says "order unsubmitted"

    Uh...did my order go through or not?

    edit: I need to know, the suspense is killing me here
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  20. Heatflux

    Heatflux New Member

    Orders are open again for all models...grab them as they last!