Transfering Files To Razer Phone

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  1. 1) when you format as external your card should be read by pc using adapter & usb cable

    2) when card is formatted as internal it should not be read when plugged into pc with adapter, but you should be able to see it when phone is plugged in with usb cable to pc - mine is not showing still. I havent had any time to look into this properly as i run my own business plus have kids to deal with

    can anyone help here? seriously
  2. I have some android platform tool installed that typically pops up a file transfer window when phone is connected through USB.

    To get that window to work I have to change the USB mode to another and then back to media again on the phone with cable still connected. I'm formatted as external.
  3. well thats great but if you read previous posts, we have no issue with those formatted as external, the problem is seeing the storage on the pc if formatted as internal.
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    Spoke to Razer they asked me to try connecting to PC using their charging cable given.. i haven't done that because my PC does not have typrC usb. may I know how you connect phone to us? I used a 3rd party cable typeC male to typeA male as my PC doesnt have a typeC female usb, all I see is a portable mobile logo with nothing in it..
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    Sorry all, forgot one step.
    So, for sake of being thorough:

    1. Plug phone into pc, preferably through usb3 port or higher. Usb 3.1/c, best transfer speeds.
    2. Verify you see "Phone" by your C: drive
    3. Pull down notifications slider on the phone screen, look for the USB setting, change from 'charging' to 'transfer files'
    4. Open My Computer and Phone:, and then you should see the SD card

    If you don't see the SD card, try viewing it on the PC by taking it out, use a USB adapter, otherwise on the PC you can do your health checks, view with diskmgmt.msc, etc.
    When you plug it into the phone format as internal to expand storage from the phone, or external to not allow apps to install to it.

    If you still don't see the SD card, try a different one. If you see it on the PC but not the phone, what does it look like in diskmgmt.msc?
    And yes, the market has become saturated by fake SD cards. The majority are smaller sizes than they say, others just don't work. So don't try to save a few bucks when you buy them, that cheaper one isn't real. You cannot get a 128GB SD card for 15$, you shouldn't be buying them from eBay, and the generic white and blue packages are bogus.
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    I don't have a usb3 port though. Will try that tml thanks mate. Nights!
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    Any USB should work, just USB 2.0 will be slooooow
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    Thanks mate. Got it by pulling down notifications changing from charging to transfer files.. haha cheers!
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    Good stuff!! :)

    I was a little annoyed seeing they changed default to 'charging' vs 'file transfer' but at the same time, that's a bonus in features for security.
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    Thanks again, formatted as internal, and your tip was spot on...=), Transferring 5GB of music, taking about an hour...=(