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  1. Baymax

    Baymax Member

    I imagine @Razer|Khanger can help you out.
  2. Dawson787

    Dawson787 New Member

    Nope! I'm here with you haha. I wonder if we can get help from someone here
  3. Fugue

    Fugue New Member

    Hmm, I was gonna suggest we use the old beta user site until it's properly moved to Razer but it appears to have been taken down (dns lookup failed). So I guess we'll just wait.
  4. Eli barash

    Eli barash New Member

    I got 2 main problems in 2 diff devices
    1. Heat and life battery is short and heat you cant put your ear ! Other problem at the same device is that the status line is open while talking and buttons are pushing .
    2.second device is screen not shot down while talking try to cover the eyes in front and what i get is more light ! Also the keyboard do what he wants adding symbols and wrong words .
    Both are on os 7
    Please advice
  5. Siva N

    Siva N New Member

    Hey what's up guys .will Robin get Android 7.11 ? Reply me.now currently running with 7 .0
  6. Baymax

    Baymax Member

    It certainly will
  7. Levi_King08

    Levi_King08 Member

    I have android 7.1.2....are u interested?
  8. TFTDguru

    TFTDguru New Member

    Phone app keeps crashing on launching

    Odd problem just started today with my Nextbit Robin. Everytime I try to launch the Phone from the UI it crashes immediately with the message "Phone has stopped" then on the second line it shows a circular arrow next to the words "Open App Again". As such I don't have access to dialing, history, favorites, or contacts through the Phone app. However, if I launch the standalone Contacts app, and select the phone icon next to a number in there, the phone dials and connects. It even lets me pull up the on-screen dialpad and generate tones by pressing numbers. But try to open the phone app directly - no go.

    Any ideas out there?
  9. win1026

    win1026 New Member

    Did the next bit forget Taiwan? And now still a lot of people still did not receive the update of 7.0, testers can not upgrade to 7.1.1, Taiwan's official response that Taiwan has not updated, is it true?
  10. TFTDguru

    TFTDguru New Member

    OK. So, first, I posted this in the wrong thread. Live and learn.
    Second - PROBLEM SOLVED!
    Found the solution in the "Phone App Crashing" thread, posted by esistich.
  11. Levi_King08

    Levi_King08 Member

    What is your thoughts on Android 7.1.2? I can help you get a custom rom with that and it is so much better!
  12. xBane_

    xBane_ Member

    I got it, and it's a bit confusing.
    I think it's like a lower level 'product expert' from the old nextbit forum(?)
    I dont know.
  13. J017Rogue

    J017Rogue Member

    My work pays for my cell phone but only on verizon... but I'd get a second phone if Razer did some innovative gaming related stuff with this team!
  14. fastfreddy68

    fastfreddy68 New Member

    I just wanted to Thank Razer/Nextbit for my green sheep keychain. I was one of the first 1000 to back the Nextbit Robin. I love my Electric Blue and hope you come out with another phone.
    Best of Luck. Mark
  15. xBane_

    xBane_ Member

    You got the electric blue? Lucky.
  16. fastfreddy68

    fastfreddy68 New Member

    Yep, I debated because I really liked the mint and the Red wasnt out yet. I got the Electric because it was exclusive.
    I never really needed the cloud because 32 gig is plenty for me. Its been a solid phone. At 149.99 on Amazon now I think its very competitive even with the Moto g5
  17. jclasync

    jclasync New Member

    How can I remove the backup in Nextbit cloud?
  18. DeadWorldPlays

    DeadWorldPlays New Member

    So I just got a Robin yesterday from Amazon and I can't get past the October System update. It will not download and install. Is there a apk I can download and install that way?

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  19. SameerSrk

    SameerSrk New Member

    I am on Nougat beta 7.1.1 my fp is not working
    Battery drains also
    What to do guys