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  1. fastfreddy68

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    i would reset it to 7.0 and if not contact support.
    i downloaded ookla on tmobile im getting 29.64 mbps
    on wifi i get 3.78 but thats cuz alwayson internet is kind of sketchy,
    im supposed to get 10.

    Cant wait to hear bout it.Hope you all send emails when you make another phone.
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  2. GordonGames

    GordonGames New Member

    I'm very curious about this.
  3. B_robin

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  4. Cutederf

    Cutederf New Member

    First would like to say this is my first post. Here. Did some research on the Robin mouths ago. Was interested on it bit debated on getting after finding out about the switch over. Got it last week with 7.1.1. I love ❤ it. Using Nova launcher and google assistant is pretty good. Sorry to quote you on here. Can't wait and see what's in store for the merger. Best of luck. No complaints.
  5. pho599

    pho599 New Member

    phone not charging and is in limbo

    multiple chargers were used as well as usb cables. maybe the battery is dead?

    does not load any more. I decided to do a factory reset, it's now just restarting after the cloud screen.

    Attempted to flash stock image but device is not able to be picked up by Windows10.

    Please help.
  6. VDelgado

    VDelgado New Member

    Maybe im risking myself since the support ends TOMORROW but,
    my robin is dying always at 20% of battery
    Is there a way to solve this? Can I change the battery? how?

    Thank you so much in advance
  7. Stickurrazer

    Stickurrazer New Member

    Why is no one replying to my open ticket? I need to get my data to download from my phone to my computer then request a data wipe as I don't won't my data sitting on a cloud system that is not being monitored.
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  8. Argirious

    Argirious New Member

    Love my Razer products and would love to get a Nextbit phone... as my next phone :) espscially if they carry the same passion as Razer does with there kit.

    Anything being developed currently? or am i looking at only a Robin, which at first glance, it a bloody tidy phone.

    Could imagine some nice matte steel phone with green highlights. Just putting it out there (i'm sure most of us are thinking it)
  9. xBane_

    xBane_ Member

    Supposedly, they're working on something. And since they just recently cancelled support for the robin... My guess is, something is coming.
    I hope.
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  10. Argirious

    Argirious New Member

    Me too mate, me too :)
  11. chris-Robin backer

    chris-Robin backer New Member

    Mine does this too, battery drain is very fast now also and i've had it shut down a couple of times at around 50%....really annoying, the battery wasn't great before but now i hardly get half a day out of it (a little longer if i absolutely don't use it!). I'm now looking at changing my phone because of this. charging is often slow too.
  12. Luis Palmer

    Luis Palmer New Member

    does someone have any email address or phone number from robin support ?? my cellphone was sent form replacement , the replacement never came to my house , the shipping company return the replacement cellphone to the sender and now i dont have my broken robin and also the replacement phone .. pretty fuck up , right ??? and they doesn't answer my emails...
  13. daninix

    daninix New Member

    If u r using Nougat then go to Settings>Display>Display Size and increase the size. That will help
  14. icookiegg

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    hmm thats quite interesting