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Windows Fall Creator Update

Discussion in 'Systems' started by nanias, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. Patch is up (KB4048955). Downloading now; will report results!
  2. Update seems to have worked! Touchpad and keyboard working fine after going to sleep by closing the lid on battery (RB FHD 2017)
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  3. EggLegg

    EggLegg Member

    I have a blade on my other razer account which I use and there has been some freezing of the track pad and keyboard when it has just booted up and after it wakes up from sleep
  4. EggLegg

    EggLegg Member

    Wait the new patch is out, this will probably fix it
  5. xtremekforever

    xtremekforever New Member

    This seems to resolve the issue for me as well on my Razer Blade FHD late 2016 (with the GTX 1060). Finally!
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  6. Josethejedi

    Josethejedi New Member

    This fixed the issue on my Razer Blade Stealth 13" :). My stealth is perfect again :heart:
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  7. Where can I find the patch?
  8. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member

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  9. lorein0688

    lorein0688 New Member

    Well, the latest Creators Update brings lots of issues and errors with it, but this can be fixed. I updated my Windows 10 PC to creators update and my PC start crashing, freezing. I tried some of the steps like scanning my system with antivirus program, and update the drivers as well, but still getting the same issue.

    So, I Googled and found a article http://www.fixwindowserrors.biz/blog/creators-update-crash-hangs-freeze-bsod-error and tried the solution given here.

    I fixed the issues and now my Windows 10 OS is working fine.
  10. diegoesp

    diegoesp Member

    Microsoft is trying to push the fall creators update to my Razer Blade (late 2016) now. Is it safe to install now? Any experiences?
  11. DubbsRulz

    DubbsRulz New Member

    I have the same laptop and updated last night. Everything so far appears to work correctly even while on battery. I was affected by the trackpad while on battery issue originally and rolled back. Please note: I am using the track pad with precision driver hack.
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  12. diegoesp

    diegoesp Member

    Got it. Will update then and let you all know how it went
  13. RFHavens

    RFHavens New Member

    So I have a RBP 2017 and had the keyboard and track pad issues like so many others after the FCU installed. For me, if I unplugged the charger the keyboard lights would go out and then the KB and TP would no longer work at all. If I plugged the charger back in the magically started working as normal. Decided to give the Insider updates a run and was on 17025 until about an hour ago. The 17025 version did not help and I was almost ready to reset to the recovery. So I changed my Insider preferences to Fast for faster updates and 17040 downloaded and installed. After a couple of reboots to finish the installation, I unplugged the charger and nothing happened in a good way. The lights on the KB and TP stayed on and could type and also use the TP without issue. Tried sleep mode by closing the lid and also the power button a few separate times and no issue. I know the Insider thing may not be for everyone, but at least for me it has resolved the problems I had with the FCU.
  14. diegoesp

    diegoesp Member

    I updated. Working pretty well so far. No sleeping issues, no hibernation issues, no trackpad issues. Problems seem to be fixed. Tested just for a day though, so if anything happens I'll come back here to tell you guys.
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  15. RFHavens

    RFHavens New Member

    So far all is good with mine. Two days and waking after sleep multiple times a day and also fresh starts in the morning are all without issue. I did post to the Microsoft Insider feedback about the issues we Razer users were having and that the update has fixed the issue at least for myself and a couple of you here who said the same. Hopefully Microsoft will either release a small patch or fix soon so users that do not want to do the insider updates can be helped as well.