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Your first champion penta kill?

Discussion in 'League of Legends Talk' started by KEKAYT, Apr 28, 2017.


How many penta kills you have made in season 7

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    KEKAYT New Member

    Hello guys, welcome to this post, with wich champ you did your first penta kill, for me it was yasuo actualy when i was lvl 28 eh that 2014 year ;)
    Sry for that damn bad english ;) no hate
  2. xkronoss

    xkronoss New Member

    Graves, season 5!
  3. adiw98

    adiw98 New Member

    Season 3, Kata for life :D
  4. Franrean

    Franrean New Member

    Jhin, Season 6 xD
  5. MissSwaggy

    MissSwaggy Active Member

    S5. I think it was MasterYi
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  6. kiyannz

    kiyannz New Member

    All seasons, w/ kata, Press R, done
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  7. Bolterino

    Bolterino Active Member

    Season 4, 4 months after i started this game,
    I did that with Heimerdinger(keepo)
    Now i main adc and i made over 20 pentas xd
  8. 1heimerdinger

    1heimerdinger New Member

    S4 for Kata. My first main champ before reworked.
    I started play on S4 too:big_grin_::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:
  9. Nougat-

    Nougat- New Member

    Eu dei mais penta's com Jinx e Lux, embora Jinx domine, com 7 e Lux, 4.
  10. DonOneShot

    DonOneShot New Member

    Master Yi, Tryndamer, old fiora, and annie. Sorry guys :oops:
  11. tdking01

    tdking01 Active Member

    Master Yi , I think season 3 ? not sure.It's been a while, but I might be starting again. Also , give an option of 0 pentakills ? I might or might not need that too :joy:
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  12. AlphaKrypton

    AlphaKrypton New Member

    Vayne in Season 4, it has been a long time since i last played League.
  13. HangryJacq

    HangryJacq New Member

    It's been several years but I feel like it was Akali in season 3 :rolleyes:
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  14. Beppos

    Beppos New Member

    gnar if i remember right
  15. Xenocid3

    Xenocid3 New Member

    Xin for me and havnt gotten one since.... bronze for life buddy
  16. Lonewolf2750

    Lonewolf2750 New Member

    Master Yi in a bot match. After that I don't remember but I think Rengar in a real match
  17. Maurice84

    Maurice84 New Member

    It was in S3, I was a Riven only at the time
  18. bubblecookie

    bubblecookie Member

    Might have been Yi back in season 1. Don't really remember tbh :oops:
  19. KyRiSsSs

    KyRiSsSs New Member

    hello, my first pentakill was a bit difficult..i just spawned playing Karthus , my team was having a team fight i wasn't there , i look on my available spells and there it was , i had my ulti available..i hardly full of skills pressed "R" and guess what PENTAKILL!!!!!!! :) :) :)
  20. WickedOperator

    WickedOperator New Member

    My first Pentakill was really random, I played as Gangplank for the first time in ARAM at like 2 in the morning, yeah, then it was like ult barrels and aa and there it was. I only realized it like 10 secs afterwards because I was so tired :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: